Movie Quotes from Thunderbolt and Lightfoot: Quotes from the movie Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

#1 Whose that guy back in the weeds. #2 An old friend. #1 Friends like that…you don’t need enimies.

(Checking out a hot waitress) #1 God that’s poetry. #2 Good jaunt. #1 I like them like that…don’t you? Nice and tight like that. Jesus!

–You gave me your word!
–I’m a criminal! My word is worth nothing!
–You gave me your word!
–I’m a criminal. My word don’t mean dick!

A man can do whatever he sets his mind to. Now me, I want to walk in and buy a white Caddilac convertible. Actually walk in and buy it…cash!

Franchise, my brother from another mother!

Gloria has a great ass. Doesn’t she? I think it’s the best I’ve ever seen really. Wouldn’t you say that Melody?

I’m Godzilla and you’re Japan!

Lam went to school here in Warsaw. A little one room school house. We put the money in the wall behind the blackboard.

Oh you sexy bitch. I would go out with you myself.

The blood runs when the time comes.

With those clothes and your mouth, you could be a big man.

Your reputation far exceeds your skills.

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