Movie Quotes from Thunderball: Quotes from the movie Thunderball

–Do I seem healthy to you?
–Too healthy.

–That gun, it looks more fitting for a woman.
–You know much about guns, Mr. Bond?
–No, but I know a little about women.

-I hope we didn’t scare the fishes.

Behave yourself, Mr. Bond.

Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead.

Domino: my what sharp little eyes you’ve got. (walks off)
Bond: wait till you get to my teeth.

His wife probably lost her dog.

I think he got the point.

Mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead.

Now you can tell me about the one that got away.

See you later. (closes the door) Alligator.

She has a mole on her left thigh.

Some men just don’t like to be driven. No, some men don’t like to be taken for a ride.

There’s never been a man more misunderstood.

Try to be a little less than your frivolous self OO7.

Well it’s my spectre against you’re then.

You don’t think I enjoyed what we did this evening, do you? What I did tonight was for Queen and country!

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