Movie Quotes from That Darn Cat!: Quotes from the movie That Darn Cat!

1) I’m going to scream! 2) Worse thing you could you. Uses up all the air. 1) *screams*

1) Now just a minute, Gregory. DC’s a cat. He can’t help his instincts. He’s a hunter, just like you are, except he has more sense than to sit out in the pouring rain all day. 2) Well!

1. Bad, bad cat! Aah! 2. Bad, bad cat?!?

1. Ha! That Henderson boy went right into the house with her! Right into the house! 2. So what? He’s been over at that house long enough to wave bye-bye. 1. Nevertheless, they represent two members of the opposite sex!

1. Mr. Celso, if you don’t mind, let’s get going. 2. Yeah, well be patient, it’s not 9 o’clock yet… Say that again. 1. Let’s get going!

1. Who are you calling? 2. Nobody important, just the FBI. 1. Oh, the FB– The FBI?!?

D.C. is WEARING a wristwatch.

Do you think I got off the bus from Stupidville last night?

How does one follow a cat?

I don’t care if it’s Pochahontas!

It’s Dan’s mom, you see she came down all sudden like.

You might as well wait here, it will save time. I’m going into the house to murder someone. Wilbur!

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