Inspirational story #202 HMO Nurse

Here’s another good inspirational story: HMO Nurse

Three nurses all arrived at the gates of Heaven at the same time and were met by Saint Peter. St Peter asked one nurse, “How have you spent your life?”

She replied, “I was an emergency room nurse. I was stressed out a lot and we couldn’t save everyone, but we did help many and did a lot of good.”

Saint Peter said, “Go right in!” He asked the next nurse, “How did you spend your life?” She answered, “I was a hospice nurse.

It was depressing some times because as you know, we are there to help the terminally ill and all the patients die, but still I think we helped a lot of people and did some good.”

Saint Peter said,”Go right in!” He turned to the third nurse and asked, “How have you spent your life?” She replied, “I was a managed care nurse for an HMO.”

Saint Peter pulled out a calculator, computer, procedures manuals and a slide rule. After much calculating he turned to the last nurse and said, “I can approve you for three days in Heaven.”

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