Movie Quotes from Terminal, The: Quotes from the movie Terminal, The

–My friend say…you are stallion.
–Like a horse.

–There’s a man walking around the terminal in a bathrobe.
–I know, sir. You put him there.

–Who’s telling you to ask me these things?
–It’s a man of misery.

1)Do you want to go grab eat to bite? 2) Are you asking me out to dinner? 1) Yes 2) Ok, what time? 1) Dinner time

1)Good afternoon, welcome to Burger King, may I take your order? 2)Keep the change


Amelia: Are you coming or going?
Viktor Navorski: I don’t know. Both.

Amelia: I wish sex wasn’t so amazing.

America is closed.

Bite to eat.

Buddy I think you’ve been spending too much time inhaling cleaning products

Come on, leave.


Do you have an appointment?

Do you have appointment?

does anybody remember the stuff amelia says when talking to tom hanks about having an affair with that guy early on in the movie?

Everybody’s waiting.

Frank Dixon: You catch a small fish and unhook him very carefully. You place him back in the water, so that someone else can have the pleasure of catching him.


Gate 67.

Have a nice life, Mr. Navorski.

He love that goat.

I am going home.

I hate da Tuesdays

I keep promise.

I need information on CBP Officer Torres.

I think he’s CIA. The CIA put him here to spy on us.

I wait.

I’d afraid of Dracula.

I’m been waiting my whole life.

I’m rooting for the home team.

If I stay, you stay.

If you touch it again, I kill you.

In my line of work, there are three things that matter. The person, the document, and the story. Find the truth of one, and you find the truth of all three.

It’s like a Twilight Zone.

Medicine for goat.

Mr. Navorski, please follow me.

Navroski: Do you know what Napoleon gave Josephine when he won Bavaria? He gave her one thousand fountains

Nobody like to be stuck in a crack.

Nobody read sign in America.

Oh, the man without a country.

Okay, goodbye. Sorry.

One man, two women. Crowded.

Salchak: I know you’ve been waiting for years for me to either drop dead or retire…
Frank Dixon: No, I haven’t been waiting for you to retire.

So, currently you are a citizen of nowhere.

The position has been filled.

This is my problem. I always see men the way I want to see them.


Viktor’s leaving.

Welcome to Burger King. May I take your order?

Welcome, Mr. Navorski.

What is the purpose of your visit?

Why Viktor Navorski?

You don’t like fish?

You feed me information about her and I’ll feed you.

You’re not sick, just a little far-sighted

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