Movie Quotes from Tequila Sunrise: Quotes from the movie Tequila Sunrise

#1 There is one last thing. Its not new business, its an acounting problem. #2 An accounting problem. #1 Yeah, with the Columbians there is always some kind of discrepance with money. #2 Yeah, they don’t know how to count.

(1) How’s are friend? (2) Fine. (1) Fine? (2) Aside from a concussion, and powder burns, and being generally pissed off, yeah. (1) Did my name come up? (2) Repeatedly. (1) Yeah, well they’re probably talking about me right now.

–I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
–Aw, come on. It didn’t hurt that bad. Just looking at you hurts more.

Ah, maybe its none of my business, but maybe you shouldn’t be looking for any new faces in your life either.

Beyond the sea.

DO you work? I’m working my ass of Hal

If Carlos is back in town then Mac is back in business.

Nobody wants me to quit. You know, don’t quit. Don’t get caught. Stay on top long enough for us to knock you off. I mean, that’s the motto around here. Nobody wants me to quit. The cops want to bust me. The Colombians want my connections. My wife, she wants my money. Her lawyer agrees and mine likes getting paid to argue with him. Nobody wants me to quit. I haven’t even mentioned my customers here. You know they don’t want me to quit.

OH, No, No, No! Under the circumstances she would have said anything…she would have f*cked a snake!

Something the matter, Nick? Because your lips keep sticking to your teeth. Or is that your idea of a smile?

Something the matter, Nick? Becuase your lips keep sticking to your teeth. Or is that your idea of a smile?

That is completely paranoid.

The United States government and the Federal Republic of Mexico have me watching you, waiting for me to show up! Which reminds me… I talk into the wrong one of these, and it costs us fifty years a piece!

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