Movie Quotes from Taxi: Quotes from the movie Taxi

1) It was good for ya. That’s the way you learned to swim. 2) I can’t swim either!!!

1)Actually if I miss this flight it won’t be the end of the world 2)Don’t worry, we’ll speed up once we hit the highway

1)Driving lesson?! You call that a driving lesson?! 2)Yea. 1)Dad let go of the wheel and said you better steer or else you’re gonna kill the whole family 2)Yea. It’s good for ya. 1)We were going ninety! I was six!!!

1)There’s only one thing I like on you 2)What’s that? 1)Me

1)What kind of grown up man lives ten feel away from his mama? 2)I wouldn’t talk Isabelle Precious Williams

Andy is not a really strong driver

C’est party!

Cabbie, I need to get to JFK in fifteen minutes….one hundred dollars if you can do it

didn’t see my nads did ya?

Don’t you scratch them – you idiot!

Ha ha. You got Punk’d!

Hurry up and show him your badge ok, because he is sensitive and pissed off

I cut through Macy’s and I got tagged

I don’t think that’s sexual tension between you too. I think it is genuine tension, like she is going to fire your ass tension.

I don’t usually stop for white guys

I have the number of a joint that makes some General Tso’s chicken that will knock you on your ass.

I’ll tell you what I want – the money for the girl. I always wanted to say some shit like that!

I’m not speakin to you, ok? You’re not from Cuba, ok?

Jimmy fallon; whats ur name?) old mann; vern (in low voice) Jimmy fallon; Earn…?) old man; VERN!!!

men are like cats you know sure we’ll play with the ball of yarn unless you want us to play with the ball of yarn the trick is, hide the ball of yarn.. dont hide it where you cant find it u know ….hey whats the ball of yarn doin in the fridge… whatever u know what im sayin

Nine minutes twenty eight seconds – damn I’m good!!

Oh my God! It’s a titanium supercharger!!!

Oh putant, oooh putant!

Oooh! Oh. Mommy’s gettin the spins.

Open my door, I don’t wanna get Daewoo on my hands.

So did you pay by the mile or is there a flat rate for chasing bank robbers?

Take his stinkin ass outta here!

We already know who shot my cab. It was that stupid idiot right there with that stupid look on his face!!

What am I supposed to do – give people piggyback rides to Newark Airport?

What are you trying to do, make a 78 point turn?

What’re you gonna do to this girl but love her and pay her?

Where is my Daewoo?

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