Movie Quotes from Tarzan: Quotes from the movie Tarzan

I’ll be the best ape ever!

*sees teapot* the horror!!!

1) I’ve never felt so alive! 2) Good, cause I’m gonna kill you! 1) No time for that now missy!

1. Go ahead, shoot me. Be a man.
2. Not a man like you!

1. I was up in the air…flying…up in the air 2. yes, yes, with the monkeys…

1. Kerchak, forgive me.
2. No, forgive me for not understanding that you have always been one of us. Our family will look to you now.
1. No, Kerchak.
2. Take care of them, my son. Take care of them.

1. No matter where I go, you will always be my mother.
2. And you will always be in my heart.

1. Tarzan… ohisee 2.*ahem* no, no, no i’m jane 1. *ahem* no,no,no i’m jane. 2. tarzan… jane…tarzan…jane.

1. You came back. 2. I came home.

1.) And Daddy they took my boot! 2.) Oh those are the ones I bought for you.’d you know it was me? 2.i’m your mother, i know everything. now where were you?1.*smiles* i thought you knew everything…

1.You have to…you have to go get a hair. 2. A hair??? 1. Yeah a hair…and elephants hair! know i think tarzan might be related to some species of elephants…2.what are you crazy? an elephant?1.think about it. he enjoys a peanut..i enjoy a peanut…

(1) Close your eyes. Now forget what you see. [ Puts his hand to his chest.] What do feel?
(2) My heart.
(1) Come here.
[Puts his head by her chest.]
(2) Your heart.
(1) See, we’re exactly the same.

(1) You came back.
(2) I came home.

(1)No matter where I go, you’ll always be my mother.
(2) You’ll always be in my heart.

And Daddy, they took my boot!

And no respect for personal boundaries–he was this close to me, Daddy!

Can you believe this guy? Drops us like a newborn giraffe, kerplop!

Come, stop your crying, it will be all right

Get away from there! Don’t you know a piranha can strip your flesh in seconds?!

hes hes hes alive

I come to Africa to study gorillas, and I get my sketchbook pinched by a baboon!

I’ve had it with you and your emotional constipation!

Is this water sanitary? It looks questionable to me!

Is this water sanitary? It looks questionable to me!

It can’t get any worse, can it?…Obviously, it can!

It’s a PIRHANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane: So I was up in the vines….flying…vines…and we were surrounded by baboons…and daddy they took my boot! And I was saved, saved by a flying wildman in a loincloth.

No get off get off get off, GET OFF!

Oh dear, oh dear!

Put me down, put me down…pick me up, pick me up!

The fun has arrived! Thank you, thank you very much.

Trust me, there are no piranas in the…..MY BUTT!!!!!!!!!

Turkina: Yeah it’s freaky lookin’ ok, that’s what it is. (2) Turkina! Turkina: well it is.. I mean what the heck is it anyway?

what’s all the hullaballo about

What’s all the hullaballo about?

Woman)That’s very nice. Man)That’s very nice

You know, i’ve always thought that tarzan was some sort of subspecies of elephant. he enjoys a peanut, i enjoy a peanut

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