Movie Quotes from Taps: Quotes from the movie Taps

–Sir, how could they do this?
–With ther stoke of a pen, sir.

(How do you control your fear sir in combat sir?)
You don’t… boy was I scared… I must have lost 20 lbs… all of it brown…

Damn right! I saw my duty and I did it!

Good Christ… what in God’s name did they teach you in here? …What did they turn you into? (…A soldier!…) A soldier? No god dammit I’m a soldier. With the career goal of all soldiers… I want to stay alive in situations where it ain’t all that easy to do so. You my friend are a death lover…I know the species… 17 years old and some son of a bitch has put you in love with death. Somebody sold you on the idea of dying for a cause… that’s the worst kind of bullshit there is!

Have a good day.

Honor doesn’t matter when your staring at a dead little boy.

It’s beautiful,man. Beautiful.

Thanks, Dave.

The wrong execution of the right idea?

We won the war. Let’s go home.

What the hell were you doing back there?

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