Movie Quotes from Swimfan: Quotes from the movie Swimfan

(from the preview) some girls have all the fun

(on pager) feel like a dip?

And You Know I can’t Wait To Hear That Southern Accent When She’s Screaming My Name

ben cronin- i know what you’re doing, no visits, no emails, NOTHING. I’M WITH AMY

ben cronin- she killed him

ben: Madison, what don’t you get? I’m trying to drop YOU!!!!!

Ben:We can’t do this. Madison:It will be our little secret.Maybe not so little

For what its worth, My friend Josh would gladly murder me and step over my dead body to be sitting here with you right now… BUt I dont want Josh…

I think I left my panties in your car

madison bell- do you have guests? oh wait, that would mean you had friends

madison bell- dont worry about me i’ve got someone waiting for me in new york

madison bell- no one will ever love you like i love you

Madison Bell- She’s not good enough for you Ben!

madison bell- YOU LOVE ME I KNOW IT!

madison bell- you wanna pretend like it never happened?

madison bell- you wouldnt hurt a fly
ben cronin- they already think i killed 2 people WHATS ONE MORE?!
madison bell- how stupid do you think i am?
ben cronin- i dont know baby, HOW STUPID ARE YOU!?

Madison- Of course I couldn’t expect the nicest and most attractive guy in the school to be Single. Ben- I should really take you home. Madison- Yea, you should… but I’m not ready to say goodnight. Ben- What did you want to do?

Madison- Tell me you love me. Ben- What? Madison- You dont have to mean it! Just say it…

Madison: It’s so great to finally meet your mother
Ben: Finally? You just met me.

Madison:BEN! BEN! Josh:WOA! Madison:What’s wrong? Josh:Well my name’s not BEN.

No, really, I insist.

Oh Ben…Oh Ben..What’s the matter? name’s NOT Ben!!

Oh, and by the way, love your pyschosis.

Ohh! Thats not the only thing thats big!

Rene- just remember why we broke up Josh
Josh- becuase you couldnt handle me in bed or…?

She’ll never love you like I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’ve got epitoms. I know it!!!!!

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