Movie Quotes from Swan Princess, The: Quotes from the movie Swan Princess, The

*gurgling* Na-a-a na na na naa na-a-

1) I’d like her better if she’d lose at cards. Four sevens and a ten. 2) I think I won again.

1) No chance. 2) No choice. 2,3,&4) No fear!

1. Don’t let her die!
2. Is that a threat?
1. Don’t you dare let her die!
2. Oh, it is a threat.

1.friends call me speed
2.i have no freinds just servants and they call me your highness

1: roa—-r 2: not you, *name*, you’re a rabbit for heaven’s sake

1: this really isn’t fair! 2&3: we really couldn’t care!

Whenever I have to do something fast, I always take a turtle.

A Great animal……’s not what it seems…..

DEREK: She tries to talk me into playing dress-up; she’s always flirting with the castle guards. BROM: I think you really sorta like her, ‘fess up! DEREK: I’d like her better if she’d lose at cards. Four sevens and a ten. ODETTE: I think I won again!

Derek: Your everything i have ever wanted, ur beautiful!
Oddette: Thanku, but wot else?
Derek: What else is there?

friends call me speed

He thinks he’s a prince!

I’m on a dangerous mission with a lame turtle! You are gonna get us all killed!

If you make me kiss her hand again I swear I’m gonna be sick!

Jean-Bob: remember, If anything Happened to Her, i’ll have you whipped, stuffed and your back legs fried with butter!

Jean-Bob:If anything happens to her I’ll have you whipped, stuffed, and your legs fried in butter

Once you steal something, you spend your whole life fighting to keep it.

run little prince, If you hurry I’ll let you see her one last time

Thank you…but what else?

the vow I made was for her

There comes a time, the possum said, when if all else fails just play dead.

Think Derek, you must see something other than odette’s beauty!

thinking of her and the way that it was pracice practice practice

this masquerade 1: is more than I can bear

we are a band and not a band of animals

Well…it’s not the milkman…

When the hunter has you in his sight, look for the sun and fly into the light.

Whenever I have to do something in a hurry, I’ll always bring a turtle!

You should write a book: How To Offend Women in Five Syllables or Less.

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