Inspirational story #189 Do You Have A Brain?

Here’s another good inspirational story: Do You Have A Brain?

It is not at all uncommon in our day to meet people who insist that no intelligent person can accept what is not in complete agreement with human reason or what lies outside the realm of human experience. Which reminds us of how an aged Quaker once confronted a young rationalist.

This young man declared: “;I will not believe in the existence of what has never been seen; we are creatures of reason you know.

“Have you ever seen France?” queried the old Quaker.. “No, sir, but others have, and so my reason allows me to believe in its existence upon their testimony. “Ah, you will believe only in what you or another has seen.”

“That’s it, you have my idea exactly.”
“Have you ever seen your brains?”
“No, sir.”
“Have you ever met anyone who has seen them?”
“No sir.”
“Do you believe you have any?”

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