Movie Quotes from Summer Rental: Quotes from the movie Summer Rental

(1) I wet my bed daddy.
(2) No sweetheart. You didn’t wet your bed. You wet their bed.

(1)415 Beach Road.
(2)That’s right.
(1)This house… is 415 Beach Lane.

(1)Daddy, can I drive?
(2)Yeah, sure, why not? I thought we’d divvy it up a little bit. You can have the second hundred miles.

1. Hi, i’m Jack Chester, your new neighbor, and you are … ?
2. Having lunch

1. How does it feel to always be right? 2. I revel in it. 1. Watch your toes, Mother Theresa. 2. I LOVE YOU!! 1. Sure, bring it up now, when I’m going to work!

1. I wet my bed, Daddy.
2. No, you didn’t wet YOUR bed. You wet THEIR bed.

1. My name’s Laurie, and where’s your hand?
2. Oh, I don’t think you want to know that.

1. Too bad a big fart like that’s gotta own it.
2. Yeah, the big fart. [giggles]
1. Watch your language.

1. You get outta here, fella. I’m trying to watch The Smurfs.
2. Oh, trying to watch The Smurfs, are you? Well, did you see the one where Papa Smurf grabbed a crutch and beat the shit out of the guy in the red hat?

1. Well, I like the way you look in a bathing suit.
2. My mother was right, you ARE twisted.
1. rrrrrrrrrrroar

>Mister will you please touch them? She’s been showing them off all over town. >>Oh yeah those are real. I’m gonna tell my wife to get some. Those are fun for the whole family.


He’s a squid’s dick.

How do you like you omelet?—Fluffy.

I forgot my Noxeema……….and my daughter.

I got some mint toothpicks to hold us over.

I hate flies.

I know I’ve forgotten something.

I love the way you look in a bathing suit. My mother was right. You’re twisted.

I love ya Scully, and thats not the beer talkin.

I’d take those over a power tool anyday.

I’ll join you later for martinis…I’m kidding.

I’m Joe Public. Welcome to my beach.

I’m not a dumb Swede, I’m a dumb Scot!

Is this a real hook? Hey, cool, I’m bleeding! Is that how you lost your hand?

Little girl: Look, there’s a real pirate.
Man dressed as pirate: Oh, really? WHERE?

Next stop Citrus Grove, Florida.

There he goes, Captain Al Pellet. You shouldn’t have rammed him, you should have sunk the bastard.

Who the **** are we? We’re the three bears!! Who the **** are you?

You could’nt beat my dingy

You couldn’t beat my Dinghy!

You cover me.

You got my table but you’re not getting my lobsters!

You got my table but you’re not getting my lobsters.

You just got into town? Yeah, well, I’ve been in town for thirty years. Thirty years!

Your wife’s on my Wham-O.

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