Movie Quotes from Suicide Kings: Quotes from the movie Suicide Kings

1) Fuck off, Ira. 2)Okay, good enough……

1) Y’Know what kind of boots these are?….Stingray! 2) So……you got fish boots?

1)So who do we kidnap? 2)Nobody, everyone’ll THINK you’ve got me.

1)Why don’t you drop your gun? 2)’Cause I don’t drop my fuckin gun. 1)Okay.

1)You know any girls like that? 2)All of them.

1.Get off the -ing car! 2.ok, just give me a dollar ok. 1.what!? 2. Yougot a benz, I got a busket, give me a dollar! 2. A busket?! Give me the busket!

Between him and the boots, you’re down 2 grand.

But he left out one detail. It was not steak those dogs were eating.

Christopher Walken: Get off the f—ing car!
Bum: OK, just give me a dollar, OK?
Christopher Walken: What?
Bum: You got a Benz, I got a busket, give me a dollar!
Christopher Walken: A busket? Give me the busket! Put the rag in the busket, put the bottle in the busket. Here’s 500 dollars. Go to a hotel, get a room, shower, shave, get a suit. Get a job, stay off the sauce. If i see you on the street again with a busket I’m gonna f—ing shoot ya.

Don’t go dying on me. Remember, I’m a lawyer. I’ve got friends in hell.

Gimme the BUSKET, put the rag BUSKET, put the bottle in the BUSKET. Here’s 500 dollars. Get a hotel room, take a shower, get a suit, get a job. If I ever see ya on this street corner again, i’ll shoot ya

God Damn Graphite piece of shit! I’m switchin’ back to steel. . . adding strokes to my game. . .

Guys, if I don’t bleed to death pretty soon, I’m gonna die of boredom.

Hi. I’m a dead guy.

How about I have your ass made into mincemeat?

I DO appreciate you taking off your shoes, though.

I DO appreciate you taking off your shoes, thought.

I don’t even wanna hear you talk about socks!

I leave the room for five minutes, and you’re all over him like five dollar hookers.

I love the white Nikes.

I’ll admit, my plan is a little risky Charlie, but it’s gonna work.
Your plan huh?…I’m gonna remember that.

I’m going to give you an opportunity to get out of this. Now. Before it gets so fucked up nobody could ever recover.

I’ve got three pairs of shoes,the white nikes,love the white nikes, my Bruno maglis ,can’t wear them any more because of the fucking O.J. shit,and these stingray boots.So you got fishboots.

Ira, you are the man.

King of the dicks.

Let’s get out of here and get loaded.

Life is short. So’s my whole family.

Lives don’t make sense, it’s not fair.
It doesn’t follow logic or obey orders.

Max: The way she looks at you, it’ll just…stop your heart…you know…then make it start back up again. You know any girls like that?
Charlie: Yeah. All of them.

Oh my god, you cut his fucking FINGER off!

Remember, I’m a lawyer. I got friends in hell.

So you got fish boots. .

Sorry about the Toaster.

Sure, she used to have nipples that would stand up and whistle Dixie, but then again, at one point dinosaurs used to roam the earth.

What do you want me to do?
Why me?
It was your plan dunskie…

What the fuck! You’re taped to a chair.

Whiskey- Rocks, if you got em.

Why is this man here? Why is he taped to my father’s favorite chair?

You ARE the man. Remember that.

You cut the man’s finger off.

You got a Benz, I got a busket.

You have a drink with the guy and next thing you know he’s best man at your wedding! What the fuck did he do when I was in the other room, sprinkle fairy dust up your skirts?!

You’re pretty funny for a guy with nine fingers!

You’re pretty funny for a man with nine fingers

your dog, he has not tail…

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