Movie Quotes from Striptease: Quotes from the movie Striptease

(1)Go rustle up a new snake.
(2)Where? The A & P? Who the fuck carries pythons at 10 o’clock at night?!

(1)What do you know about Prozac?
(2)Makes you happy. But, there’s side effects.
(1)Like what?
(2)Limp noodle.

(1)Why are you all shiny?
(2)It’s Vaseline!
(1)Oh ho! Ohhh! It’s Vas . . . great . . . it’s Vaseline!
(2)You’ve never covered yourself with Vaseline?
(1)No, no, not unless I have third degree burns, no.

1)Sir, why are you all shiny? 2)It’s Vaseline. I can feel it squishin’ in my toes.

1)Who are you?
2)Barbara Bush.
1)And who are you?
3)George Bush.

Derell: Suck my dick!
Shad: Whip the little fella out

Gimme some lovin’

I looooove naked women.

wow does urbana sprawl really make my dick hard with those huge tits and killer ass.

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