Movie Quotes from Strike!: Quotes from the movie Strike!

Abby and ____, Zeig Heil!

All I Wanna Do and Strike! are the titles of this movie but there is also a third one, The Hairy Bird…

are u retarted?! depending on where u are the movie was released w/ a diff name! its not uncommon!

Boy: Why cant I have you tinka? Tinka:Cos you are lower than dirt!


frosty: they look like milltowns. i wish they were. my mom she eats them like potato chips, she’s always happy but bumps into the furnature a lot.
verena: mine too, where do u think i got the pills.
frosty: so they are milltowns?
verena: no midol. for cramps.
frosty: my mom doesnt get cramps anymore, just supenas
verena: what?
frosty: my mom and dad are constantly battling it out in court. not a situation i like to be in the middle of.
verena: tell me about it.
frosty: can i have another midol?
verena: so how do you feel?
frosty: no cramps

groundhog: it aint gidget!

Groundhog: She’s sucking his face off!!

I want to WRETCH and DIE!!

I’ll be right back and we’ll have us a wild time

I’ve been thinking, perhaps men are like dogs, if we don’t take them in, they run wild and are a danger to society

In reply to that previous message- All I Wanna Do and Strike! are the same movie. The movie stars Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffman, Lynn Redgrave, Rachel Leigh Cook, and many more…

Just imagine. We’ll have to wash our hair every night, we’ll have to sleep on rollers till our scalp bleeds, then we’ll have to get up at six every morning for the comb out. Your lungs will be lined with hairspray. Then you need all this equipment to push up the tits and blitz the zits and spray the pits. Then, then you stagger into class and you look perfect, but you’re exhausted. You’re too tired to even think. But that’s okay, because the teachers won’t call on you anyway. Also, you don’t wanna be smarter than the boys – they don’t like that. So, to wake up you drink some coffee at lunch. You’ll be on a permanent diet.

No more little white gloves.

Odette- None of your floppin’ buggies!

S: So, answer me one question: why can’t I have you? T: Because you are lower than dirt! You’re subterrainnean! You’re a Townie, for God’s sakes!

S: So, just answer me one thing: Why can’t I have you? T: Because you are lower than dirt. You’re subterrannean! You’re a townie, for God’s sake. I don’t know you, we haven’t been introduced. S: Is that how people fall in love in your world, they’re introduced? How sad, how tragic! People like that are..S,B,S,P,R: Flat Critters!

Snake: So, just answer me one thing: why can’t I have you? Tinka: Becuaes you are lower than dirt! You’re subterranean! You’re a townie, for Christ sakes! I don’t know you, we haven’t been introduced! Snake: Is that how people fall in love in your world, they’re introduced! How sad! How tragic! People like that are…Skunk Groundhog Possum Beaver: FLAT CRITTERS!

T: Snake, what are you doing here? S: You’re so beautiful I could eat your teeth. T: Where did you get these clothes? S: Some preppie gave them to me, right after I beat him up. T: Todd Winslow? You beat up Todd Winslow? Oh, you sweetheart. S: Tinka in my arms. I must be dreaming. Pinch me, I’ll show you where.

TEACHER: Verena, you missed an entire period.
VERENA: You mean…I’m pregnant?

the quotes on this page aren’t from the movie Strike. They are from All I Wanna Do, a Kirsten Dunst flick.

They think I’ll be safe surrounded by high walls and lesbians. This is the end of the world.

They’re not jewellery, they’re office supplies

Up your ziggy with a wa wa brush!

Up your ziggy with a wah-wah brush!

Up your ziggy with a wawa brush.

verena:yeah but have you ever tried midol and coke?

you are all wrong the movies called the hariy bird
and it stars kirsten dunst

You’ll have to take those off. Why? They’re office suppiles.

You’re all just a bunch of… doodyheads!

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