Movie Quotes from Strictly Ballroom: Quotes from the movie Strictly Ballroom

1.) You don’t understand.
2.) I understand. You’ve got your Pan Pacifics to win, and I’m back in beginners where I belong


I never danced at the Pan-Pacifics Scott!

I’ve got my happy face on today Les!

There has been a disqualification. Could Scott Hastings and partner please leave the floor!

There will be NO NEW STEPS!

You dance the passadoble? Show me! Show me your passadoble!

A bit of musicality please!

A bit of musicality, please!

A life lived in fear is a life half lived.

Did I fail him as a mother!

Doug! Will you stop that shuffling you stupid man!

Fran: Fran-ja-panny-dela-squeegie-mop! Wash the coffee cups Fran! How’s your skin Fran?! HARD!?!

fuc me now fuc me scott

Get away from me. I’m not dancing with you all right. I’m not dancing with you till you dance like your supposed to

GIRL: I wanna dance with you. I wanna dance with you your way at the Pan Pacifics. BOY: The Pan Pacifics? (laughs) You can’t dance my way, you don’t win. GIRL: It’s just that you’ve been overdoing it. If you just kept it simpler, and danced from the heart . . .

I don’t believe I’m hearing this! I have been with your father for twenty-five years, do think I get bored, of course I do!

I wanna dance with you your way.

I wanna dance your steps…

I want Ken railings to walk in here and say: Pam Short’s broken both her legs and I wanna dance with you!

I’ve been working towards winning the Pan Pacific since i was 6 years old

I’ve only be dancing three years, so I have’t got a partner yet, but I thought what Scott and Liz danced was wonderful, I thought they should have won…

Listen to the rhythm. Don’t be shy!

Poor Tina, it’s like dancing in a brewery!

scott make love to me

Scott: Fran?
Fran: Yeah?
Scott: You know I said about the rhumba, being the dance of love, and it being pretend?
Fran: Yeah?
Scott: Well, i think i made a mistake *kisses her*

Son, could I bend your ear for a take?

Son, could I bend your ear for a tick

This is very embarassing (scott of fran’s approaching him)

watch it fran-gipani!

What do I want? I’ll tell you what I want. I want Ken Railings to come in here right now and say, Pam Short’s broken both her legs and I wanna dance with you!

You can dance any steps you like. Of course, it doesn’t mean you’ll . . . WIN.

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