Movie Quotes from Straight Talk: Quotes from the movie Straight Talk

1)Holy moly. 2)Is that all you can say? 1)Holy moly….. 2)Holy Moly.

1. I discovered here. 2. You make her sound like penicilin. 1. He he, funny guy.


Cheatin’ is like playing two games of pool; you got the balls, but you’re gonna wear out your stick

Get down off the cross, honey, somebody else needs the wood.

I am busier than a one-legged man in a butt kickin’ contest.

It doesn’t hurt you face to give a smile!

Life isn’t fair. Even the Declaration of Independence only guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t say anything about fair. It doesn’t even say you have the right to be happy – just to pursue it.

Never try to dye your own hair and dont walk on wet grass in high heels! (Advice from Dolly for a transexual)

Tinkle or get off the potty.

Where did I receive my training? I’ll tell ya, at Screw U

You grab your bowling bag and get the Hell out of there

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