Movie Quotes from Stir Crazy: Quotes from the movie Stir Crazy

(singing) …You little pecker, you.

1) My mother was right!Cowshit for brains! 2)Who,me? 1)No,me!

A hundred and twenty five years…Oh God! Oh God! I’ll be a hundred and sixty-one when I get out.

Blade: The rodeo clown is the most DANGEROUS job,’cause he gets CLOSEST to the BULL. He gets the BEST of the BULL! HOOK to the left! HOOK to the right! And if the bull rider’s in trouble, he’s gotta protect him, even if it means gettin’ his ribs pulled out, or bein’ freight-trained…
Harry: Freight-trained?!
Blade: Run over, just like a freight train, only with a bull, it’s worse, cause a freight train don’t BACK UP and FINISH the JOB. Later on I’ll show you how to lie out on the stretcher when the ambulance comes.

I’m a short son-of-a-bitch. My father was a short son-of-a-bitch too. My mother was shorter than him. My brother was real short, we couldn’t even see him.

Oh, you motherfucker!

We bad!

well i just dont- ( looks away to unseen person as if interupted) what? what? ma i told them- ma – ma itold them no – but i told them what i have witnesses what ok ok we’ll talk about it in my cell o.k. (looks back to warden as if he didnt hear) uh would you excuse me i have to go to the bathroom (looks back at unseen mom and walk away)

Wha?… Wha?… Wha?… Wha?… No-no-no-no….

Yeah, that’s right! That’s right! We’re bad!

Yes, I’m a short son of a bitch. My daddy was a short son of a bitch,
my mother was shorter than him, and my brother, my brother was so short we couldn’t even see him.

You can kiss the baby.

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