Movie Quotes from Stealth: Quotes from the movie Stealth

1/_You and me, we’re 2… that’s a prime number, which makes it a lucky number, and I think we are very very lucky…. [long pause]
2/_Just tell me you love me, you pussy

A warlord tripped and fell on his warhead and we were never there

He’s selected a target.

I bow down before the superiority of the opposite sex in many respects, but from time to time, I believe they should bown down before me.

Oh, just tell me you love me, you pu$$y!

Pardon my C-cup.

Stop bullshitting around and erase it! / Hey I’m not FUCKING READY YET! OK?

Talon 3, leave me alone

War’s terrible. It’s meant to be terrible, and if it stops being terrible, what’s going to stop us?

We’ve had a lightning strike.

[Tagline] Fear the sky

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