Movie Quotes from State Fair: Quotes from the movie State Fair

–I’ve been around.
–Does that mean you’re a bad girl?

1) Biggest boar in the world, I bet! 2) All depends on how you spell it!

1. Abel Frake I will not put liquer into my cooking! 2. Making mince meat without Brandy? No such thing

All I know, all I owe, I owe Ioway. I owe Ioway all I owe and I know why. I am Ioway born and bread and on Ioway corn I’m fed. Not to mention her barely, wheat and rye.

Isn’t it kind of fun?

It might as well be spring.

It’s a grand night for singing.

Oh, Pappy, there aren’t any seats together!

Pat: The name’s Pat. Pat Gilbert. Margy: It’s been nice knowing Mr. Gilbert. Pat: And you are? Margy: Leaving.

That’s for me.

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