Movie Quotes from Spaced Invaders: Quotes from the movie Spaced Invaders

I’m a carnivorous duck, and I’m in a bad mood.

I’m a carnivorous duck and I’m in bad mood. Now start talking or I start eating. – J. J. Anderson/Spaced Invaders/1989

It’s so pretty, what is it?(holding a stick of dynamite)– It’s our tri-nitro toluene award. –I’m so proud, I don’t know what to say. –Oh, you can just…. say your prayers.

it/s a boobie trap, and were the boobies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There goes my insurance.

They’re not bad, just stupid.

Well let’s see. We’ve got a torqued out digiframus, our redundancy pile is on the fritz, and it looks like we bruised our boo boo.

Well,if you ever need a little brother, give me a call.

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