Movie Quotes from SpaceCamp: Quotes from the movie SpaceCamp

#1 Arm booster ignitus
#2 Booster ignitus armed

1) You’re all dead because you didn’t work together as a team. And you’re responsible.
2) Me?!
1) You are the shuttle commander. That means you are responsible for everything that happens on this ship.
2) I didn’t ask to be responsible, remember!
1) That’s a lousy excuse for killing six people.

1)Why do you always take things so literally 2)How else should I take it?

Beat me, whip me, take away my credit card.

C. O. M. E. I. N. C. O. N. T. R. O. L. COME IN CONTROL

I want to be the first female shuttle commander

Ladies and gentlemen, please return your seats and tray-tables to their full upright positions, and extinguish all smoking material, as we’re about to land in the red zone. Ahh! No survivors!

launch us now dammet or we’re gonna explode

Nice boosters!!

Rudy’s the best on the RMS!!

Use the Force.

We’re dead…we didn’t make it!

Whip me! Beat me! Take away my charge card!

You think that’s bad? Wait until your parents get the bill for breaking Daedalus!

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