Movie Quotes from Slacker: Quotes from the movie Slacker

Conspiracy A-Go-Go

I may live badly. But at least I don’t have to work to do it.

Having a Breakthrough Day (Denise Montgomery): I feel like I’ve had a total recalibration of my mind, you know? I mean, it’s like, I’ve been banging my head against this 19th century type, um, what? Thought mode? Construct? Human construct? Well, the wall doesn’t exist. It’s not there, you know. I mean, they tell you, look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Well, there is no tunnel. There’s just no structure. The underlying order is chaos.

Video Backpacker (Kalman Spellitich): To me, my thing is, a video image is much more powerful and useful than an actual event. Like back when I used to go out, when I was last out, I was walking down the street and this guy, that came barreling out of a bar, fell right in front of me, and he had a knife right in his back, landed right on the ground and… Well, I have no reference to it now. I can’t put it on pause. I can’t put it on slow mo and see all the little details. And the blood, it was all wrong. It didn’t look like blood. The hue was off. I couldn’t adjust the hue. I was seeing it for real, but it just wasn’t right. And I didn’t even see the knife impact on the body. I missed that part.

Every action is a positive action, even if it has a negative result.

It’s a Madonna pap smear

So just the boobies?

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