Movie Quotes from Sid and Nancy: Quotes from the movie Sid and Nancy

-Is it in?
-no……well maybe.

-Sid! What are you doing? You could be really Shinning out! But what, you’re just wankin’ off!

1. He’s not a dwarf, Sid, he’s a boy.
2. Oh whaddyou know? Little kids don’t dress like that.

1. Where are you going? 2. Don’t you want me to go? 3. No, I don’t want you to go

1) Fackin’ cabbies, that’s whot we should bay – you make 200 quid a noit bein’ a cabbay! 2) Why don’t you fuck orf and buy you one, then? 1) It take eigh’een months to learn! 2) And a driving license, too…

A) Oi! ‘ow d’you spell ‘oliday? B) S-H-I-T ! A) Dear Mom. ‘aving a lovely… ha ha ha !

But Sid, what about the farewell drugs!!

ex-ter r r r rr minate ex-ter r r r r minate

Fuck You Grandma!!

Got a problem and the problem is you.

How do you spell holiday? S-H-I-T. Dear Mum, having a nice…you cunt.

I am so married!!!

i didnt know pigs could swim!

i dont wanna be a punk anymore i wanna be a rude boy like my dad

I never knew pigs could swim!

I want a job, I want a job, I want a real job, I want a job that pays… I want a job, I want a job I want a real job…one that satisfiiiees my artistic needs.
And thats just the chorus!

I’m gonna get a tattoo on my head that says BRAIN DAMAGE!!!

Infectious hepatitis, loony girlfriend, drugs?

its boring sid borrrrrrriing

John got beaten up by fascists

Kid: Who the hell do you think you are?
Sid: I’m Sid Vicious..

Love is 2 minutes 55 seconds of squelching noises

Love kills.


Nancy: He’s not sick, you’re makin’ him sick!

Nancy: She wont send us the money because she thinks we’d spend it on drugs!
Sid: We would!

Nancy: The sex pistols! I looove the sex pistols. I’ve got all your albums in New York. You playin’ A gig tonight?
John: You playin a gig tonight? Yeah we’re playin’ a gig tonight So what?
Nancy: So I want to see if you’re the sh*t like everyone says you are.
Sid: F*cking great we are.

Never trust a junkie

S:We don’t fuc*in care! J:No, not we don’t fuc*in care just we don’t care!

Sex is boring

Sex is hippie shit.

SID I Fucked A Dog once ……. I Was BORD!!!!……

SID: I Fucked A Dog once ……. I Was BORD!!!!……

Sid: Nancy, can you do some of these dishes please?
Nancy: What? What’d you say to me?
Sid: ahh F*ck it, I’ll do em myself.

That looks like it hurts, well so does this

when Sid gets the necklace
Sid: WOAHH THATS REALLY COOL! Where’s the key?
Nancy: What key?

Whens the last time we fucked? I don’t know. Well we can if you wanna…

You’ve been a naughty, naughty newsreader.

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