Movie Quotes from Showtime: Quotes from the movie Showtime

-My ex and I were on the rocks. And my marriage counselor said I needed to take up a hobby.
-How come you never got good at it?
-Well, it’s kind of like you and police work. I never took it that

-This is your house?
-No, this is my batcave. There’s a tunnel in here leading to my cliffside mansion a few miles north.

Being a police officer is not what you see in the movies. I never had to choose between the red wire and the green wire, I never saw a police car flip over, simultaneously causing a bunch of other cars to burst into flames. I am a detective, and I solve crimes. I make sure that if you ever break the law in this city, I will do everything in my power to put you behind bars.

Don’t quit your day job… unless, of course, it’s acting.

Get that camera out of here!

I have no interest in you, your stupid questions, or your silly show.

I’m too old for this shit.

preston: what if its sianide?

trey: its showtime

What are you gonna do? Wrap me up in caution tape, Top Cop?

What’d I Say.

You spear the knife into the bag. Then pick some of the drugs up with the knife. Then lightly press it on your tongue. And that is how TV cops taste drugs.

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