Movie Quotes from Showgirls: Quotes from the movie Showgirls

$50? You got no self esteem, baby. You are one fantastic fuck!

‘Aww… come on Nomi… you can show off your nails… they’ll all be so jealous.

1. Do you like Crystal? 2. I like a lot of champagnes, but I always stick to champagne.

An M.B.A. is a degree you pick up in college. Its mostly worthless in the real world.-Zack Carey

can you spell MGM backwards?

Can you spell MGM backwards? I bet you can’t.

Come back when you’ve fucked some of this baby fat off. See ya.

Cristal: I like nice tits i always have. how about you?
nomi: I like havin nice tits

Crystal: You see, darlin’…you are a whore.

Fucker, fuck off!

Higher! Not that high. Stay in sync. One-two-three! And thrust it, thrust it, THRUST IT, COME ON, THRUST IT! AH! Ok, that’s enough! Thank you, ladies.

I don’t know what it is you do, But if its at the Cheetah, its aint dancin’ (Crystal to Nomi)

I got an MBA for this?

I like Doggie Chow too!

i need to get laid, my right hands so tired i cant thread a needle.

I told Marty I’d work on your turns with you, darlin’, but I’m feelin’ a little turned inside out myself today.

i’m erect why aren’t you erect?

In America everyone’s a gynecologist

it must be wierd to have a job were people don’t cum on you

Life sucks, you know.
Life sucks, Shit happens. Where do you get this stuff, off of T-shirts?

Nomi, do my boobs look any bigger to you?

Nomi: now? crystal:its now or never, thats what elvis said

She looks better than a ten inch dick and you know it.

She misses us like that lump on my twat I had taken off last week.

She’s dazzling! She’s exciting! She’s also very sexy.

So where you from?
Back east.
Where back east?

Thanks, it’s a versace (pronounces it phoenetically)

tony moss: come bak when you’ve fucked some of this baby fat off

Watch out, darlin’ – There’s always someone younger and more ambitious coming down the stairs behind you.

What are these, watermelons? This is a stage, babe, it’s not a patch. See ya.

What wrong with your nipples

You can fuck me when you love me.

You guys just sit over there and I’ll change the music.

You look better than a ten inch dick.

You’re the only one that can get my tits poppin’ right

You’ve got great tits darlin

Zack: What are you doing?
Cristal: Just some of the best damn cocaine in Vegas.

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