Movie Quotes from Shipping News, The: Quotes from the movie Shipping News, The

– Did I come at a bad time?
– Yeah. Ten years ago would have been better.

– Petal, you’re the only one I’ve ever loved. You’re the only one.
– Mhm. How do you make an Alabama Slammer?

-Quoyle! Is it not stimulating enough for you?
– No. I mean yes. I mean … it’s the best work I’ve ever had.

1 – Headline: eminent storm threatens village. 2 – What if the storm blows over? 1 – Village spared from deadly storm.

Bad as I am.

Daddy’s boring.

Goin’ up.

I didn’t dream it…don’t say I did.

I got used to be invisible. Until … someone noticed me.

I made a nice, big seal – flipper pie.

It’s an adventure. Who goes to school when they’re on an adventure.

Look, there’s something else … Seems she sold your daughter to a blackmarket adoption outfit for 6.000 dollars. There was even a receipt if you could imagine. That’s how we tracked her.

So what do you think? You wanna marry me, don’t you?! It’s eight o five. I’m gonna fuck you by ten. What do you think of that?

Still the fool.

Tea’s a good thing. Keeps you going.

What’s your name?

woman puts deceased’s ashes into an outhouse seat hole, sits down and urinates and says welcome home, brother.

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