Movie Quotes from Ship of Fools: Quotes from the movie Ship of Fools

1933 will be a good year. I am optimistic.

Adolescence is a time when people worry, about things there’s no need to worry about.

For me, a little German music goes a long way.

For me, the voyage is over.

I need something to help me sleep.

I’d better stick to the simple stuff.

I’m just a third rate officer in a second rate ship.

I’m just a third rate officer on a second rate ship

Liston, there are nearly a million Jews in Germany. What are they going to do? Kill all of us?

My name is Karl Glocken…

Strange neck of the woods.

The people that produced Goethe, Beethoven and Bach are not to be sneezed at.

The woodcarver died.

Two strangers on a ship.

We put up a wonderful front. In private it was different.

With all this stuff on me, I feel like an African I met in Paris. He bought from me a crucifix, Buddha, and mezuzah. All on one chain.

You just haven’t managed to grow up, Mrs. Treadwell of Murray Hill, Virginia. You can paint your toenails green. You know how it ends, don’t you? Alone – sitting in a cafe, with a paid escort.

You know how it ends, don’t you? Alone, sitting in a cafe, with a paid escort.

You know what they say in Turkey? They say tears wash the eyes and one can see better.

You know, the explotation of the masses.

You’ve seen the kind of characters we get on this ship.

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