Movie Quotes from Shag: Quotes from the movie Shag

Well,don’t play hard to get honey,you might miss something.

(1)they’re saving themselves for their wedding night…..(2)yeah so Harley can spring it on Carson that he doesnt have a tallywhacker!!!

(1)You’ll marry Bullwinkle and have three kids. At least I won’t be an old maid. (2)If I’m not engaged by the time I’m 20, I’m going to kill my self.

(Carson)How mature areyou? Your steady before the prom falls
breaks his leg. Do you A.Sit home with him watchin tv and let your new
new prom dress go to waste or B. drag him to the prom, broken leg and arm and dance with his best friend all night? (Melaina)well, what does his best friend look like? (Luanne)A.sit home with him watchin tv and let your new prom dress go to waste. (carson) Luanne is mature!
Question number 2, at a party your dreambeau hands you an alcoholic beveage, do you A.Politely refuse and ask for a soft drink or…(Melaina inturrupting) or B. get kneewalk and drunk and let him go to third base.

1. are you- Buzzy? 2. You shut your filthy mouth!

1. Got your eyefull? 2. Fatass!

1. Have I seen you before?
2. Maybe in one of your better dreams.

1. she only did it because she wanted me to tell Buzz she was fast. 2. Did you? 1. No

1.Damn Holy Rollas!!! 2.The senator’s daughter does change clothes in a gasoline station. 3. And don’t let any of the other girls drive my car!!!!!! 4.Are we forgettin’ whose weekend this is? 5. You’re roots are showin’ 5.PURPLE JESUS PURPLE JESUS!!!!! 6.I’m wild, I guess I knew it all along. 7. And the winner is… COUPLE #12.

1: Did you attempt a familiarity with this girl? 2: No sir! I’m a Southern gentleman, sir, recently accepted to the United States Naval Academy at Anapolis, sir! 1: Really, son? I’m an Anapolis man myself! 2: sir, really sir? 1: Say, you know I got a tie exactly like that?

1: Did you know I’m leaving for the United States Naval Academy at Anapolis in a few days? 2: No! 1: Yeah..I’m gonna be a marine. Anyway, I was telling Buzz I hoped I’d fall in love with a girl this summer so’s I’d have someone to write to. 2: Oh, Chip! 1: Only I just realized I don’t have to fall in love with anybody, I can just write to you.

1: Hi. Buzz Ravenel. Let’s dance. 2: I’m sorry–I’m engaged. 1: Well I’m sorry you’re engaged too!

1: I can’t marry you, Harley. I’m in love with Buzz. 2: They–they went all the way!

1: Know any elephant jokes? 2: Is that a remark? 1: About what? 2: Sorry. I guess I’m just sensitive about my weight. 1: What weight?

1: Lemme ask you something, sir. Has it been your experience that as soon as a woman knows you’re in love with her, she starts treating you just like a dirtball? 2: Every time, son, every time. 1: I tried to be so cool this time. Just like Buzz. I never let on that I was crazy about her, like I definitely was not in love with her. But she knew. She looked right into my mind and she knew! 3: Beaufort, this boy is crazy.

1: Luanne that was our turnoff. 2: Oh damn, guess that means we just have to go to Myrtle Beach! 1: Luanne, are you crazy? What are y’all doing?! 3: Goin’ to Myrtle Beach to meet boys! What are you doing? 4: Turn on the radio!!

1: Now what would Scarlett O’Hara think of you doing ‘As God is my Witness’ in a polka dot bikini? Here, you’ll wear my mama’s hoop skirt. 2: I know how to win this thing. 1: Why Melaine, it is bad manners to think about winning! 2: Look Luanne! I’m not goin’ to college like some people. And I sure as hell ain’t marryin’ a damn Ralston. And I ain’t gonna die in a parrish house in Spartanburg, South Carolina, thank you! Luanne, I’m as pretty as any of those girls in Hollywood. Jimmy Valentine’s gonna discover me today. And it ain’t gonna be in your mama’s hoop skirt! 1: Would you at least consider wearing my one piece bathing suit?

1: What about you? What are your plans? 2: I figured I’d bum around Italy or somewhere’s. Look at statues, pick up women. 1: That’s a lofty aspiration. 2: It’s a damn sight better than manufacturin’ cigarettes for your daddy. 1: puh–at least Harley is doin’ somethin’ with his life. 2: Harley is a trained seal. I don’t think you’re gonna marry him. Bevo? 1: I don’t drink in the middle of the day. 2: You sure have a lot of rules for yourself, don’t you Carson? 1: Would you kindly put your shirt back on? 2: No.

1: Yeah, well she thought she was the bee’s knees till she fell flat on her butt. I can’t wait until you win Miss Sun Queen tomorrow. Big Bob’ll ’bout die when you walks off with Jimmy Valentine. 2: Oh Nadine, do you really think I can win? 3: I’ve got news, you’re gonna lose. 1: Hey your roots are showing.

1: YOU are not like any boy I’ve ever met! 2: Well you’re just like every girl I’ve ever met–you’re stuck-up, tight-assed, and conventional. 1: Don’t you swear in front of me! Maybe I don’t believe in practicing free love! Who does? 2: I do.

1: You don’t own anything like a winter coat do you? It’s gets cold in New Haven at Thanksgiving. 2: What would I want to go to New Haven for? Bevo?

All you have to do is go up there and say -we didnt feel like goin to fort sumta and tourin god damn colonial homes, we wanted to go to the beach ,and go to wild parties and dance.- i mean, why cant we tell them the truth.

Are you fuzzy….you shut your dirty mouth

boho son of a bitch!

Bubble flip’s better for Shagging. Let’s go!

Carson to Buzz: I can’t go around sleeping with everyboy who likes me.

Carson: Your prom date breaks his leg the night before prom, do you A)drag him to the prom broken leg and all and dance with his best friend B)Stay home with him and let your prom dress go to waste. Malana: or do you C) get knee walking drunk and let him go to 3rd base

Damn damn damn!!!! Why does every damn thing have to happen when you’re in a damn hurry?

Do I know you from somewhere? 2) maybe in one of your better dreams

Don’t play hard to get honey, you might miss something.

French him Carson, french him!

girl, you make me think!

He’s a sweet potato.

Hey Rocky, wanna see me pull a rabbit outta my hat?

Holy Pajamas!

I come to open the house up for the Senator. On account of him and your mama arrivin’ on the noon plane.

i got news- you’re gonna lose.

I wish Harlee’d die! It’d be so much easier. I didn’t mean that. It’s horrible.

I wouldnt marry you Buzz Ravanaugh…if you were the last man in the free world.

I’m going to Myrtle Beach to meet boys, what are you doing?

I’m having the most fun!

i’m not allowed to go to myrtle beach.

It was our last weekend together, and we didn’t want to go to Fort Sumter and tour goddamn colonial homes. We wanted to go to the beach and go to wild parties and meet boys and dance.

Jimmy Valentine? Why, Pudge, Jimmy Valentine is small potatahs.

Luanne, why can’t we just go over there and tell them that this was our last weekend together and we didn’t feel like going to Fort Sumter and touring god damn colonial homes. We wanted to go to the beach, and meet boys and go to wild parties and dance. I mean, why can’t we tell them the truth?

Mary Pat Montgomery’s the one who told me about boners. It isn’t a bone at all, it’s a muscle. This cousin of her dated a Clemson Tiger who sprained his in a game, and she had to massage it every night when it got hard because he was in so much pain.

No I will not go parkin’ with you, Buzz Ravanaugh!

Oh Damn! Ever damn thing has to happen when you’re in a damn hurry~Why Luann, you think you’re daddy can’t hear that language? Now, you are not wearing bermuda shorts to Fort Sumpter~We’re all gonna change in a gas station afore we get there.~ Senator Clatterbuck’s daughter does not undress in a gasoline station, now go upstairs and change~ Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!~Nicely!

Other than that…. make yourself at home

Others may cheapen themselves, but you, Melana, you are flower of the South.

practicin’ my routine for the miss sin queen pageant. think i’m gonna win too.

Pudge, Pudge do forget you’re Metchacal and don’t forget to give this pickle relish to your Aunt DeVoe. YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

put on your shaggin’ shoes!

Stop playing hard to get, you might miss something.

Tell him your in love with me.

that rape artist!

This is the MOST fun!

Turn on the radio!!

We didn’t want to go to gosh dern fort sumter, we wanted to go to the beach and meet boys, and go to wild parties and dance. I’ll tell my parents the truth if you tell Harley the truth!

Why don’t you just tell your parents that we didn’t feel like going to Fort Sumter and touring goddamn Colonial homes…we wanted to go to the beach, meet boys, go to wild parties, and dance!

Y’all is the horniest bunch of white folks I ever seen!

Y’all is the horniest bunch of white folks I’ve ever seen!

you got a little somethin’ on your little thingy there.

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