Movie Quotes from Shaft: Quotes from the movie Shaft

$42000? I know guys that’d take out an entire zipcode for that kind of money.

–Harlem cats?
–How the hell should I know? Everyone looks the same to me.

–Have a chair, John.
–I don’t like your chair.

–What do I look like? Some kind of klutz?
–Don’t ask and I won’t tell you.

–You a cagey spook, Bumpy.

–You ain’t so black.
–And you ain’t so white either, baby.

A lot of cats hate my guts.

ADLINE: *Any questions?*

Do you wanna be held?, or do you want the LD?

Fuck the badge. I’ll get that silver spoon motherfucker, and I’m gonna get him my own way.


I get 50 bucks an hour…plus expenses.

I got some chiken wing you Kentucky freid nigga.

I know motherfuckers who’d waste entire zip codes for that kinda cheese.

I might put you down, but I’ll never let you down!

I see you someplace I don’t think you belong, I will kill you.

I thought you were gonna smoke me? – I only smoke camals

Shut the fuck up, cornbread?

Yo Yo, Luger, Whats up with the corn bread?

Your problem is what?

Nazi’s with badges, thats my problem…

I see your point, maybe i should take an ethnic sensitivity workshop,huh?

I should workshopmy foot up your ass.

Nothing between us, but air and opportunity

It is my duty to please that booty!

It’s Giuliani time!

It’s my duty to please that booty

It’s my duty, to please that booty.

Maybe I should workshop my foot up your ass!

Now be cool, man.

Now that I am not a cop do you think that makes me more or less dangerous

Puta, why’d you flinch?

That Shaft is a bad mutha—-SHUT YO MOUTH—-I’m just talkin bout Shaft.

the man comes down here again to see you, you make sure you be here… waiting!

Tiger Woo.. Tiger Woo

Tiger Woooood, I like him.

Up yours, baby.

Walter Wade: YOU WANT MY SHOES!!!!!?????

Warms my heart to see you so concerned about us minority folks.

We’re all on the hustle.

What you in here for, man? Income tax evasion?

What’s my name??? WHAT’S MY NAME!!!!

who delivers 10 times out of 10

Who delivers ten times outta ten?

Yo Shaft!

I’m Gonna put so many lawyers in your ass, you’re gonna think they opened a branch office there.

You are one wise caucasian, Vic!

You play golf? You know Tiger Woo? Tiger woo I li’ ‘im.


You’re to hot, man. You gotta step off a bit.

[1] Shaft, where are you going?
[2] I’m going to get laid, where are you going?

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