Movie Quotes from Seventh Seal, The: Quotes from the movie Seventh Seal, The

–Don’t you ever stop asking questions?
–No, I never stop.

–Have you come for me?
–I have been walking by your side for a long time.

–Wait a moment.
–That’s what they all say. I grant no reprieves.

–Who are you?
–I am Death.

–You drew black!
–Very appropriate. Don’t you think so?

Faith is a torment. Did you know that?

How can we believe in anything when we’re no longer capable of trusting life?

I want to ask him about God. He, if anyone, must know.

I’m going to pinch them in the nose with my pliers. I’m going to pound them on the chest with my little hammer. I’m going to crack them lightly on the head with my sledgehammer.

This is my hand.

Why can’t I kill God within me?

You with your visions and dreams.

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