Movie Quotes from Searching for Bobby Fischer: Quotes from the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer

1) Do you know what the word contempt means? It’s to think of others as being beneath you, to be unworthy of being in the same room with you.
2) I don’t feel that.
1) Well, you better start. Because if you don’t think it’s a part of winning,you’re wrong. You have to have contempt for your opponents. You have to hate them.
2)But I don’t
1) They hate you. They hate you, Josh.
2) I don’t hate them.
1) Bobby Fischer held the world in contempt.
2) I’m not him.
1)You’re telling me.

1) I tried to give him a way out. 2) I know you did.

1) What’s that supposed to mean? 2) What’s that supposed to mean? 3) He’s offering him a draw. 4) I’m offering you a draw. 1) A draw? You’ve got to be kidding. 4) You’ve lost. You just don’t know it. 1) I’ve lost? Look at the board. 4) I have. Take the draw and we’ll share the championship. Take the draw. 1) Move.

1)Can I tell you a secret? I’m gonna tell you a secret. You’re a much stronger player than I was at your age. 2) Thanks.

1)Don’t move until you see it 2) i cant see it 3)dont move until you see it 4)i cant see it 5)dont move until you see it 6) im sorry dad

1)It’s over 2)wait a minute who won?

1.He does nothing but play chess. No other interessts. 2.He goes to school? 1.Oh, no. 2.Well that’s great. You should be proud of yourself. 1.I am.

1.Hey look what I found. You want to play? 2.Why? 1.For fun. 2.Lets go to a dealership instead and get some brochures.

1.What’s the yard like? 2.The yard? 1.Do they have good stuff to climb on?

1.You gonna write sports like your dad when you grow up, or you gonna play? 2.I’m gonna play. Second base for the Yanks. 3.They could use a second baseman.

Bruce: (Places one of each chess piece in front of Josh) Now which one is you?
Josh: What do you mean?
Bruce: Which one is you?
Josh: They’re just pieces.
Bruce: (takes King and places it up close to Josh) This is you!

Come on Grandmaster, show me something. Show me something, Grandmaster. All right. CHECK to his majesty. No no no no no. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. You can’t have it. Mmmm. Hello! That’s right, run. Run. Run. Somebody call the police the man is loitering.

Dad (yelling to son upstairs): It’s your move, Josh.
Josh: Did you move your pawn?
Dad: I moved a pawn, yes.
Josh: Can we go to the dealership now?
Dad: The game’s not over yet, Josh.
Josh: Yes it is.

He didn’t teach you how to win, he taught you how not to lose. That’s nothing to be proud of. You’re playing not to lose, Josh. You’ve got to risk losing. You’ve got to risk everything. You’ve got to go to the edge of defeat. That’s where you want to be, boy. On the edge of defeat.

he is better at this than i am at anything,he is better at this than you will ever be at anything

He knows you disapprove of him. He knows you think he’s weak. But he’s not weak. He’s decent. And if you or Bruce or anyone else tries to beat that out of him, I swear to God I’ll take him away.

He’s better at this than I’ve ever been at anything in my life. He’s better at this than you’ll ever be, at anything. My son has a gift. He has a gift, and when you acknowledge that, then maybe we will have something to talk about.

He’s got it!

I can’t, I’m playing chess with my dad. Chess. It’s a game like monopoly.

I don’t know where Bobby Fischer is.

If I win, they’ll say ‘well of course HE won, he’s a top-ranked player.’ But if I lose….

In the days before the event, he had the whole world wondering if he would show up. Plane after plane waited on the runway while he napped or took walks and ate sandwiches. Henry Kissinger called and asked him to go for his country’s honor. Soon after arriving, he offended the Icelanders by calling their country inadequate because they had no bowling alleys. He complained about the TV cameras, about the lighting, about the table and chairs, and the contrast of the sqaures on the board. His hotel room, he said, had too nice a view. None of this had anything to do with chess of course. Or maybe it did. If he won, he’d be the first American World Champion in history. If he lost, he’d just be another patzer from Brooklyn. On the 40th move of the 21st game, he countered Spasky’s Bishop to King 6 with a pawn to Rook 4 . . . and it was all over. He came home an American hero. He bragged to the world that he’d beat the Russians, and he delivered. He could now claim the same money as heavyweight prize fighters. He was invited to dinner by Statesmen and Kings. Then Bobby Fischer made the most original, unexpected move of all . . . he disappeared.

Maybe it’s better not to be the best. Then you can lose, and it’s ok.

No more speed chess in the park.


They’re terrified, Josh. They’re terrified of you.

Um..Josh..doesn’t know how to play Chess.

What is chess, do you think? Those who play for fun or not at all dismiss it as a game. Those who devote their lives to it insist that it’s a science. It is neither. Bobby Fischer got underneath it like no one before him, and found at its center….art.

Why are you standing so far away from me?

You have to have contempt for your opponents, because if you don’t think it’s part of winning, you’re wrong.

Your mother thinks you’re throwing the game. You know what that is?

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