Movie Quotes from Searchers, The: Quotes from the movie Searchers, The

(1)From the beginning… (2)’Dear Miss Laury’…He spells it with a Y instead of an I…E…Wouldn’t you think he’d know… (1)Who cares what he spells it? Read the letter.

(1)Nay tzare T’sala-ta-komal-ta-name…unt kang-yah Look. (2)Says her name’s Wild Goose Flying in the Night Sky…but she’ll answer to Look since it pleases ya…(3) Look?

(1)YOU don’t understand, ya chunkhead!You didn’t buy any blanket! Ya bought her! (2)What? (1)You got yourself a wife, sonny! (2)Oh no! Tell her she’s got to go back…

(proudly)My wife was a school teacher, Charlie…She reads good.

Boy, you watch that knife!

Do you know what Ethan will do if he has a chance?
He’ll put a bullet in her brain.

I brung ya some boiled sweets.

I figure a man’s only good for one oath at a time.

kind words ethan, thank you kindly. -mo

Let’s go home, Debbie.

Mrs. Jorgensen: It just so happens we be Texicans. Texican is nothin’ but a human man way out on a limb, this year and next. Maybe for a hundred more. But I don’t think it’ll be forever. Some day, this country’s gonna be a fine good place to be. Maybe it needs our bones in the ground before that time can come.

Put an amen to it.

Scar, huh? Plain to see how you got your name.

that’ll be the day

That’ll be the day.

Well, Reverend, that TEARS it!

You speak good American. Somebody teach you?

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