Movie Quotes from Scum: Quotes from the movie Scum

1-Where’s ya tool, 2-What tool, 1-This fucking tool

black ……………….bastad

cariln the nutcase the hard man


i dont smoke
well you do now poofter
theres no dolly mixtures in here

i said pick it up

i slipped sir

I slipped sir.

i told em i was christ

I’m finding myself strangely drawn towards Mecca, sir.

jungle bunny

kick him in the bollox

Name and number!


NO punching in the face….NO kicking in the goolies….and NO BITING!


Right Banks, I’m the Daddy now. You try it again and I’ll fuckin’ kill ya!

Rub some coal dust on those wounds you fuckin’ black bastard!

speak wen yer spoken to

straight off the banana boats

Those quotes are wrong. Watch the fucking film again.
‘Where’s ya’ tool? What fucking tool? This fuckin tool. D’you want some more??’
‘Right banks you bastard. I’m the daddy now – next time I’ll FUCKIN KILL YA!!!’

turn him over

up your fucking borstal

ur a bit of an hardcase arn’t yer carlin

vegatarians ive shit em

wats all this
wat sir
dont give me that. damageing government property are yer yer black basterd
then wat were yer doing yer black brixton slag

well give yer time yer bastard

Who’s the Daddy Now!?

You steal white man’s motor cars, you get white man’s stick.

You tell ‘im, he’s a big black bastard!
He knows, he knows!

you tell him he’s a big black bastard. He know’s, he know’s

you want stripeing anall do yer

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