Movie Quotes from Scrooge: Quotes from the movie Scrooge

A) You will be visited by THREE GHOSTS ! B) I think I’d rather not…

All these people owe me money! They loved me, and I never knew!

are there no prisons! are there no workhouses!

Come here, you weird, little man!

G: You may look in the window … it will cost you nothing, which I am sure is good news for you. S: Will they be able to see me? G: No, which I am sure is good news for them!

Get Off Me Ledger Your Ruin Me Binding.

Get Off Me Ledger, You’ll Ruin Me Binding !!!

Humbug. Poppycock. BALDERDASH !

I heard you were coming down, so I decided to meet you … show you to your quarters. (long pause) Nobody else wanted to.

S: What business brings you here? G: Your welfare. S: To be awakened at 1 a.m. … is hardly conducive to my welfare! G: Your redemption, then.

Yes. Yes, that’s what you are: You are an OLD POTATO !

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