Movie Quotes from Screwed: Quotes from the movie Screwed

1. do you have any enemys? 2. not that i know of. 1. does mr. filmore have any? 2. who? 3. thats wilards last name. 2 oh. not that i know of. 1 did he have any friends he would bring over? 2. not that i know of. 1 does he have any living reletives? 2. not that i know of.

1. grover how would you like to make $100,000? 2. mm.. thats alot of cheese

Halt! This is the police!

Just goes to prove my point…never trust a black man named Kip



sweet old lady on pie box isnow super villain!

That’s it! He didn’t say stick with Mrs. Crock and you’ll get ahead, He said stick Mrs. Crock and you’ll get head.

We kidnapped a turd!!

We kidnapped a turd.

Willard: Jesus Rusty, what did you do that for? He’s a cop!
Rusty: I was scared!
Willard: Everytime you’re scared you hit a guy with a desklamp?

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