Movie Quotes from Scream 3: Quotes from the movie Scream 3

Kincaid: She has a bodyguard. And besides, the producers told us that there are three different versions of the script, something about keeping the ending off the Internet, you should know that, you’re the technical advisor right? Three versions, three different characters die next, and we don’t’ know which one the killer read.

Kincaid: Do you wanna have this conversation with a polygraph? Dewey: Is that a threat, Detective? Kincaid: When it’s a threat, you’ll know it. Dewey: Is that a threat?

Dewey: Yeah. If you weren’t so concerned with pretensions and appearance, you’d be able to appreciate the positively and emotional centeredness I provide a woman.

Dewey: What are you doing down here? Sidney: Actually what was I doing up there? Jesus, Dewey, are you ok?

Sidney: California Women’s Crisis Counseling, my name is Laura, how can I help you? Woman on phone: Oh Laura, I do have a crisis! Sidney: Ok, well whatever it is, you can tell me. Woman: Oh my God, I’ve killed someone Laura! Sidney: Are you sure? Woman: Uh-huh I’m sure, I’ve killed someone I know it! OH my god, I did.

Gale: You said you’d never leave Woodsboro, ‘The only place that’s real!’ But now you’re here. Not with me. Dewey, I took care of you. I waited until you were well. I couldn’t stay there, I mean, it’s like dog years, one year in Woodsboro is like seven everywhere else. Dewey: So it’s off to Paris for a week? New York for a month? L.A Forever?

Roman: That is so easy for you to say! You can always go back to must see TV. Ya know, I have no movie, I’m about to turn 30, and it looks like I am now the next target. Jennifer: What? Dewey: You, why you? Roman [hold up his video award]: Do you think this wasn’t a message?

Jennifer: As the killer waits outside, suddenly the fax machine sends news of their fate. Dewey: It’s a trap! Everybody outside! Tom: Outside where do you think he wants us? Jennifer: Hey! The killer prepares to grant mercy to only one of them. Gale: Don’t you get it? The killers says he outside because he wants us here, inside! Come on! Jennifer [reading a new fax]: Who will survive? Is it Jennifer? Tom? Angelina? Dewey? Gale? The killer will give mercy to… WHO?

I’m sorry that things didn’t work out with Brad Pitt, but being single, that’s a pretty good fallback.

Jennifer: Fans, I can handle fans. They want a picture, they want a conversation, I can handle fans! [she holds up a cigarette] You see this Dewey? I haven’t had one of these in a year and a half! Someone’s gotta pay for this!

Jennifer: Interior Jennifer’s house. Living room, night. It’s a script page! Angelina: W-w-w-what’s it say? Jennifer: With the bodyguard stabbed to death, the five stand trapped. Tom: He’s rewriting the movie!

Jennifer: My…lawyer… liked …that. Gale: Not as much as I did.

#1)After all, Gale Weathers, you’re such a complex character.
#2) And to be played by an actress with such depth and range.

(1) Detectives, there’s no reason to presume that Cotton’s death had anything to do with this movie is there? (2) He was making a movie called Stab, he was stabbed.

(1)Ghosts are tough, you can’t shoot ghosts.

(2)Can’t arrest ghosts.

(1)I’ve got no house, no bodyguard, no movie, and
I’m being stalked. Because someone wants to kill me? No, because
someone wants to kill you. So now, starting now, I go where you go.
That way, if someone wants to kill me, I’ll be with you, and since they
really want to kill you, they won’t kill me, they’ll kill you. Make


(1)Listen, I know we’ve never met, and I don’t mind you never returning my
calls, but I have to tell you that after two films I feel like I am in
your mind.
Well, that would explain my constant headaches.

(1)Now you listen to me, Lois Lane, let it go. It’s dead and buried.

(2)And how would you like to see it dug up on national TV?

(1)Thanks for saving me.

(2)It’s habit.

(1)The ruthless ambition, your private self-loathing, and that lost and lonely little girl inside.
(2) Lost and lonely what?!
(1) You heard me.
(2) Lost and lonely what?!

(1)What makes you think I have a girlfriend?
(2)I know you do. I’m right outside her bathroom door.

(1)What the hell are you doing?

Being Gale Weathers. What the hell are you doing?

I am Gale Weathers!

(1)You know in the movies, I play you as being much smarter.

And as a sane person. For you that must be quite a stretch.

That’s funny.


(the killer leaves one picture after every murder)
This is great. Ten more murders and we can publish a calendar.

(Phone conversation) Dewey: What are you doing in my trailer? Bodyguard; Just making sure the killer doesn’t plan to off you like he did your little sister? Dewey: What did you say? I can’t believe you said that. It makes me… (Killer Appears) Killer: Angry

1)stage name. 2)You should talk, Judy Jergenstern.

1-My lawyer liked that. 2-Not as much as I did

1: Do you have the number stored in your memory?

2: *thinks*

1: PHONE memory!

(1)I bet she fought and clawed for that Sidney part. I bet
she stepped on any poor girl that got in her way.

(2)So you asked her out and she said no?

(1)That has nothing to so with it.


Jennifer :
Oh God! I forgot, your birthday! Happy birthday, Roman.

Roman :
Yeah, yeah, as if life isn’t tragic enough.

Christine- Cotton is that you? [she walks to another room. All we see is her feet] Cotton? Honey? [she turns off the radio] Ok, Cotton. You know I don’t like your ‘Stab’ games. {Sound of door opening} Who is it, who’s there?

Cotton- OK. [switches phones] Andrea I gotta call you back. [switches back] So, you a big 100% Cotton fan?
Woman- Yeah, 110%.

Deja voodoo.

Dewey: Get back in the house Stone! Would I call you if it wasn’t important? What are you doing in there anyway? Stone: Me, I’m just checking to make sure there’s no killer in here waiting to off you like he did your little sister. Dewey: What did you say? I can’t believe you said that. That makes me- [Ghostface pops out behind stone and pulls a knife and stabs Stone in the back] (in Killer’s voice) ANGRY!

Dewey: Sidney, do you have any idea how he could’ve gotten your number? Kincaid: He could’ve monitored the calls on a scanner. Did you call her from the set?

Dewey: Stop following me. Gale: I happen to be working for the police, dammit! Dewey: You’re not a detective, Gale. Gale: Neither are you, Mr. Incognito!

Dewey: The killer called her. Kincaid: What? When? Gale: What’d he say? Sidney: Oh, you know, the usual small talk, What’s new, how ya been, how do you want to die?

Sidney: what!
Dewey:Shoot him in the head
Sidney: ok

Director: Someone is trying to ruin my movie. Someone wants to kill my movie!
Detective: We’ll talk about your movie down at the station. All right, this is the scene where you come with us.

Dont look at me i didnt take shit!

Easy Heroldo

Fifty dollars? What are you a reporter for Woodsburo High?

Fuck you very much! Tyson go to hell.

Gale- So in closing, as the future journalists of America, there is one thing that you need to remember. Being the best means being willing to do what the others would not. Break the rules, stop at nothing, be willing to have the world hate you because that is the only way that you’ll get the story, the facts, and the fame. Thank you.

Gale: Wait a minute, just wait one second. How old do you think Maureen Prescott is in this picture? Dewey: 19, 20? Gale: That’s what I though, so I checked it out. I cannot find any information about her at this age, I mean nothing.

God would you just shut up, I’ve heard this shit already!

God, Roman. Remind me not to sleep with him again.

He’s a pervert, he’s not a killer.


Who is this
Who is this
Im who whos callin
Im who whos callin
Dewey Gail call me back i can only hear myself
I can only you to sid

Hey, Dew. (Dew.)

Holy shit Silent Bob! It’s Connie fucking Chung!

Holy shit, Silent Bob, thats Connie fucking Chong, HEY CONNIE, HOW’S MAURY???? (Gail Gives him the finger) Jay: Dude she likes me.

I did not Fuck! that pig Milton to get a leading role just to die hear with second rate celebrities like you too>

I get killed in ‘Stab 3’? I get killed?

I know it’ll never work, and you know it’ll never work, but what I’m
asking is just to see if we’re wrong.

I know what it’s like to see ghosts that don’t go away. To be watching
a scary movie in your head, whether you want to or not, watching it

i searched for a mother to an actress named rina reynolds searched for her my whole life i finaly tracked her down knocked on her door thinkin she would welcome me with open arms but she had a new life a new name maureen prescott you were the only child she claimed sid she shut me out in the cold her on son……………………..roman bridger director

I shot you . I guess we think alike

I swear on my Pulitzer prize, which I plan to win one day.

I used to think I had the perfect mom, perfect family. Till I found
out I was wrong. She had a secret life, and I tried to understand
that, and soon as I thought I had, more secrets. I don’t know who my
mom was.

I was just looking at youre video music award.

I’m a director Sid, I direct.

I’m not happy that I’m 35 playing a 21 year old. I’m not happy that I
have to die naked! And I’m not happy that my character is too stupid
to have a gun in the house after her boyfriends been cut into fish


If I thought like a homicidal maniac, I’d know how a homicidal maniac thinks. ~Dewey

If you were a
screening room, where would you be?

Jennifer [walks to Dewey]- Gale, I think you’ll really appreciate my character work in this one, someone’s helped me understand the real you.The ruthless ambition, your private self-loathing, and that lost and lonely little girl inside.
Gale- Lost and lonely what?
Dewey- Little girl inside.

Jennifer- Listen, I know we’ve never met, and I don’t mind you never returning my calls, but I have to tell you that after two films I feel like I am in your mind.
Gale- Well, that would explain my constant headaches.

Jennifer- You know I’m sorry that things didn’t work out on ’60 Minutes II’, but ‘Total Entertainment’ that’s a pretty good fall back.
Gale- Thank you. I’m sorry that things didn’t work out with Brad Pitt, but being single, that’s a pretty good fall back.

Jennifer: God, Roman. Remind me not to sleep with him again.

Jennifer:So you asked her out and she said no?
Tom:It has nothin to do with that(Gives her a wierd look)

Jessica:sorry it didn’t work out with 60 minutes 2 but total entertainment… that’s a pretty god fallback! Gale:yeah wel sorry it didn’t work out with brad pitt but being single… THAT’s a pretty good fallback!

JOHN listen lous lane its dead and buried
GALE how would you like it dug up on national tv

Killer- She’s in the shower. [cut to view of Christine in Shower]She’s got a nice little… voice. Let’s go in for a closer look. She’s very pretty Cotton, a step up from Maureen Prescott. Speaking of which, let’s play a little game. Answer right, your girlfriend lives, answer wrong, she dies. Where’s Maureen’s daughter Sidney?

Killers cant catch what they cant find!

Kincaid- And his girlfriend. Someone who left something he wanted us to see. I’ll show you this because you’re the Woodsboro authority, because you knew him. But I promise you, if you share this with the world, it’s you I’ll be arresting.

Kincaid- I’m here because Cotton Weary’s been murdered.

Maureen- Sid… come here… Mother needs to talk to you… Everything you touch, Sid, dies. You’re poison.. you’re just like me… you’re just like me… [she lowers herself to the ground leaving bloody streaks on the window] What have they done to me? They’ll do it to you… they’ll do it to you…

Not only did they kill the film, but they killed my cast! Nobody’s
gonna want to work with me. Variety called me a pariah. I don’t even
know what a pariah is.

Reporter on TV- Hollywood is reeling today from news of the murder of Controversial talk show host, Cotton Weary. Weary had only recently finished shooting a cameo as himself in the film Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro , the third and final part in the famous horror series based on the Woodsboro and Windsor College Murders. [shots of Sidney Reacting to the news] Before his rise to television fame, Cotton had been imprisoned and was later exonerated for the murder of Maureen Prescott his former Lover.

Roman :Do you think that Stab 3 had anything to do with Cottens death?
Detective : He was filming a movie called Stab, he was stabbed.

Roman- If you’re worried about the movie, then protect the movie. Hire more security, hire the national guard, just don’t kill the movie.

Roman- Um hmm… umhmm great, so let’s run the lines. Roman- Hello. Candy- Hello. Roman- Who’s this?
Sarah- This is Candy. Hang on, let me get some clothes. See! I don’t’ understand why I have to start the scene in the shower! The whole shower things been done, ‘Vertigo’ hello! And I mean, my boyfriend just died, why am I showering?

Roman: But you know my favorite name?
Sarah: I’m hanging up right now.
Roman:It’s Sarah.

Running from killer: Aw you mother fucker.

Sarah- What character? I’m Candy, the chick who gets killed second. I’m only in two scenes!
Roman- You’re not happy with your part.
Sarah- I’m not happy that I’m 35 playing a 21 year old. I’m not happy that I have to die naked! And I’m not happy that my character is too stupid to have a gun in the house after her boyfriends been cut into fish sticks.

See that medal dectector,use it!

she said i was rena’s child and rena was dead

She says I make her feel safe, she says I’m her rock.

She slammed the door in my face, Syd. She said I was Rina’s child, and Rina was dead. That’s when it hit me.

She’s a narcissistic psycho bitch.

Sid: its your turn to scream asshole!

Sidney: do you know why you kill people roman do you?
Roman: stop it i dont want to hear it!
Sidney: you kill people because you choose to there is noone else to blame!
Roman: damit fucking damnit!
Sidney: why dont you take some fucking responsilbilty!
Roman: fuck you!
Sidney: Fuck you!


So in closing, let me say good luck, God Speed, and for some of you,
I’ll see you soon, cause the rules say, some of you ain’t gonna make
it. I didn’t, not if you’re watching this tape.

Surprise, surprise, someone dies and Gale comes running!

Sydney:hey detective, whats your favorite scary movie?
Detective:….MY LIFE…

Tell me that’s his ex-girlfriend, and I’ll shoot

The past will come back to bite
you in the ass! Whatever you think you know about the past, forget it.
The past is not at rest, any sins you think were committed in the past
are about to break out and destroy you.

This is a crime scene, all right?

To me Hollywood is about death.

Tom- Hey, what if the killer is Sidney Prescott? I mean, what the hell ever happened to her? She probably off in the woods living like the fuckin Unabomber, man.
Angelina- I’m starting to see why Tori Spelling and David Schwimmer didn’t want to come back.
Sarah- Guys, this was about Cotton. We are not in any danger.
Tyson- We are not in any danger says Candy page 15

Tom- Not meant to be? You win that talent search for the new Sidney, 50,000 girls and they pick you? You gotta be praying that this movie keeps going.

Tom: The killer will give mercy to the one who… smells the gas. Huh? Smells the… BOOM!

Wait just one god damn minute, theres a psyco killer on the loose and u wanna go traepsing around this gigantic mansion.

Was that a threat?
When it’s a threat, you’ll know it’s a threat.

Was that a threat?

Watch the fuckin aliens!

Well i did write the difenitive books on te woodsborrow murders. And im just sure you cant wait to write another.

Well in that case I’m gonna go dust for finger prints with Jane Pauley.

What makes you think i have a girlfreind, I know you do im right outside her bathrom door.

why dont you stop your whing and get on with it ive heard this shit before

Woman [on phone]- California Women’s Crisis Counseling.
Sidney- Hey, it’s Laura from Monterey reporting for work, can you patch me in?

Woman- Hey, wait a minute, I know your voice. You sound a lot like that guy on TV. Um… uh… Cotton Weary.

You show they survive you run they Die!

You want me, motherfucker, come and get me.

You’re gonna pay for
the life you stole from me Sid. For the mother, and for the family,
and for the stardom, and for, goddammit, everything you had that
should’ve been mine!

You. Like im ever gonna win in award playing you. theres been a second murder. Who Sarah Darling Were. At the studio. Where Nancy Drew wants to know where,Cotton Weary Sarah Daring.Dont youget it There killing them in the order they die in the script. dewey who gets killed third, who gets killed third Dewey. Who gets killed third you do

Zombies and Aliens! You know, what you look like without make-up,

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