Movie Quotes from Scotland, PA: Quotes from the movie Scotland, PA

1. Donald is that you? 2. NO 1. How’s your father? 2. Dead 1. Oh AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Don’t give me one of those baby-shit-ass-tubes. I need a VAT OF IT MY FUCKING HAND IS FALLING OFF!!!!

Fuck, fuckity, fuck!!

I called the number like 95 times. I practically had it memorized.

if you could go to the bar, bring us back a couple of beers and then leave, that would be a little slice of heaven.

We’re not bad people Mac. Just underachievers trying to make up for lost time.

We’re not bad people, Mac. Just underachievers who have to make up for lost time.

You really think that I would let Ed keep bullets in his gun?

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