Movie Quotes from Scorpion King, The: Quotes from the movie Scorpion King, The

1)Like ALL of my inventions, Memnon will try to use it for war.
2)Where is Memnon?
1)Ay, you mean to kill him, do you?

1)Where are we going?
2)The Valley of the Dead.
1)No one goes through the Valley of the Dead. That’s why they call it the Valley of the Dead.

Along the way.

Arpid: After a long day of pillaging and looting, there’s no city like Gomorrah… except maybe Sodom.

Balthazar: Watch yourself Akkadian
Mathayus: No need for concern, Miss.
Balthazar: Ohh he’s gonna pay for that.

belfizare: if i’m no king then why are u on your knees before me? king: belfizarre? belfizarre: arcadians.

I came for the girl and your head

I make my own destiny.

I stand alone.

I’ve come for the woman… and your head.

Jesup: Live free.
Mathayus: Die well.

live free die well

man:where are we going? mathayus:the vally of the dead man:the valley of the dead…no one goes to the valley of the dead…thatz why they call it the valley of the dead! wait for me please

Mathayus: Get Ready! I’ll kill half, you kill half!
Young Boy: Huh?
Mathayus: Okay, I’ll kill them all!

Mathayus: Live free.
Balthazar: Rule well.

May the gods have pity on you because my brother will not.

sh quite! alright i’ll kill half u kill half….alright…i’ll kill them all. boy:: how bout we go around them and not kill anybody

Who dies first?

with his sorcerous at his side…noooo mortal can defeat memmnon

Yanking out my heart.

You’re lucky we have the same mother.

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