Movie Quotes from School Ties: Quotes from the movie School Ties

– We have a saying…. the meek shall inherit the earth……

– I wonder how meek they’ll be when they do, sir

1) And what religion are you? 2) I’m Methodist 3) Really….all this time I didn’t know that..

1) Honest? You lied to me! 2) I didn’t lie to you!! I lie to my father, I lied to myself!!

1)You know, I’m still getting into Harvard. And in 10 years from now, no one will rememeber all this, but you’ll still be a goddamn Jew
2) And you’ll still be a Prick

Ain’t that a shame.

All right, I’ll go to the headmaster, i will honor your traditions, and i will lie.


Charlie Dillon: You’ll always be a Jew.
David Greene: Yeah, but you’ll always be a prick.


even in Scranton a prick is a prick

I will not have the jungle brought into my house boys

I’m an anti-semite.

I’m still gonna get into Harvard…and in 10 years, no one’s gonna remember any of this

if captured eat them, if you’re still alive meet here tomorrow

It is pretty hard to miss a heeb

Let me go lover.

Remember to leave room for the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for takin’ care of my girl

well, well, if it isn’t my musical upstairs neighbors

When I take my sugar to tea.

You used me for football, im going to use you to get into harvard

your sister can come in but she’ll have to wash her hands first

your tradition or mine isr?

your tradition or mine sir?

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