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Now listen you guys,
You know what normal kids would’ve instilled to slack off,
But not you guys, because you’re not normal.
You’re special.
And because i think you have the right attitude,
I think it’s time we started our new class project.
A science project’ no.
It’s called…. rock band.
Is this a school project?
And it’s a requirement.
And it may sound easy, but nothing could be harder.
It will test your head, and your mind, and your brain too.
Will other schools be competing?
You could say that

Oh we come from the land were the ice and snow grow

I want you to stick it to the man! and right now… I’M THE MAN!

People in the bands are cool I am not cool enough

1) Ok, I have a hangover, who knows what that means? 2) Doesn’t that mean your drunk? 1) No, it means I was drunk yesterday.

1)– Why don’t you just go on a diet? 2)– [pause] Because I like to eat, is that such a crime?

1)i must sat i find your methods of teaching very unusual 2)well i did study with Dr. Errol Von Straussenburgerbecken 1)who? 1)oh, you dont know him? oh, he`s, like, one of the leading leaders in unusual methods. actually, he`s how i was apointed to the presidential council for experimental educationers 1)well that sounds very impresive, but we`re not interrested in experimental education here

1)they`re terminal, every last one of them. 2)jeez. 1)yeah and they wanted to do before they bit the dust was play battle of the bands. 2)what do they all have? 1)its a rare blood disease stick-it-to-da-man-niosis. 2)what that? i`ve never heard of it. 1)your lucky, because its hell 2)wow

1)what was this you were playing in music class today? 2)The Cello 1)Turn it to the side and CELLO you have the bass

1- I have a hangover. Does anyone knows what that means?
2- It means that you’re drunk
1- NO! It means that I was drunk yesterday!

1.Its a rare blood deasese, they have it. 2.What’s the deasese?
1. Stickittothemaniousis.

1: I have a hangover. 2: Does that mean you’re drunk? 1: No. It means I was drunk yesterday.

1:Would you like to join us Mr Shneebly?Did i say it right?2:Actually its Shnay-Blay


Miss Mullin’s phone call
Dewey:Oh,you know what?I think he’s actually coming home right n-.Ned!Phone.[He used the telephone to make noise](In Ned’s voice)Uh,hello this is Ned Shneebly.

One great rock show can change the world!

Dewey assigning the kids ‘killer’ positions
Dewey:You 3.(Thinks)Groupies.Your job is simple.Just worship the band.& you will be making hats,you will be making T-shirts,which leads me to your first assignment,naming the band.(Eleni & Michelle looked at each other)Eleni:Yes!

Talking about their inspirations
Dewey:What are you,you guys!This project is called rock band!I’m talking about bands that rock.Led Zeppelin![Pauses]Don’t tell me you guys have never gotten the Led out.Robert Plant,Jimmy Page?Well Black Sabbath.AC/DC.Motorhead!Oh,what do they teach in this place?!

The Audition
Musician 1:Look at these kids.Freddy:Hey shut up.Musician 1:Oh, I’m sorry.I thought this was battle of the bands not the,Mickey Mouse Club.Freddy:Hey,you want a piece of me?Musician 2:Hey,look at this guy.

Ah ah ah ah! Ah ah ah ah! I come from the land with the ice and snow with the middyear summer and the hot spring’s blow. Hammer of the gods, will drive my ships to new land!
(The Immagrant Song by Led Zepplin)

alright lets pray
god of rock:
thank you for this chance to kick ass
we are your humble servants
please give us the power to blow peoples’ minds
with our high voltage rock
in your name we pray
now lets go melt some faces!

And you will be a tiny little footnote on my EPIC ASS!

Back in black.

Billy to Dewey: Style? Dont talk to me about style! You cant even dress yourself! Look at that bowtie.

Billy: Can i be the band stylist instead? Dewey: Of course you can fancypants.

Billy: its glitter rock and its glam and its fabulous Dewey:i dunno, its just not the right style. Billy:style you wanna talk to me about style you cant even dress urself look at that bowtie,Dewey: dont u be talkin about my bowtie

Billy: Style? You wanna talk to me about style? You can’t even dress yourself! Look at that bow tie!
Dewey: Don’t you be messin’ with my bow tie.

Billy: You’re tacky and I hate you.
Dewey: OK you see mr after class.

Billy: you’re tacky and I hate you.

Billy:Eurgh! I give up! Why don’t we just wear Unifroms!? Dewey:ThinkingUnifroms, eh? Billy:No, wait! I-I was just kidding!

Billy:Mr.S,what do you think? (Dewey was shocked) Dewey:Billy,it might be a little bit distracting.Billy:It’s glittera,and it’s glam and it’s fabulous!Dewey:Billy,it’s just not the right,style. Billy:Style,you wanna talk to me about style?!You can’t even dress yourself,look at that bowtie.Dewey:Don’t go talkin’ nothin’ ’bout my bowtie.Billy:You know what?I give up,maybe we should just wear uniforms.

Dewey:No,Billy were past yelling at me
Billy:Your tackey and i hate you
Dewey:See me after class

Boy, don’t you be talkin ’bout my bow tie.


But the legend of the rent was way hardcore!!!!!

Can I be the band stylist instead?


Celloooo it’s a bass

Dewey Finn: Give up, just quit, because in this life, you can’t win. Yeah, you can try, but in the end you’re just gonna lose, big time, because the world is run by the Man. The Man, oh, you don’t know the man. He’s everywhere… in the Whitehouse… down the hall -Ms. Mullens, she’s the man. And the Man ruined the ozone, he’s burning down the Amazon, and he kidnapped Shamu and put her in a chlorine tank! And there used to be a way to stick it to the Man. It was called Rock and Roll, but guess what, oh no, the man ruined that, too, with a little thing called MTV! So don’t waste your time trying to make anything cool or pure or awesome cause the man is just gonna call you a fat washed up loser and crush your soul. So do yourselves a favor and just GIVE UP!

Dewey, I’m not a satanic sex god anymore. And that’s cool.

Dewey-yeah billy its just not the right style….Billy-style your gonna talk to me about style, you cant even dress yourself look at that bowtie!…..Dewey-dont you be talkin about my bowtie!

Now listen, you guys? You know what, normal kids would have been stoaked to slack off, but not you guys, ’cause you’re not normal. You’re special. And because I think you guys have the right attitude, I think it’s time we started our new class project.
A science project?
No. It’s called…Rock Band.
Is this a school project?
Yes. And it’s a requirement. And it may sound easy, but nothing could be harder. It will test your head, AND YOUR MIND, and your brain, too.

dewey: hey you (katie:)me? (dewey:)ya you what was that thingy you where playing (katie:)a cello? (dewey:)ya well this is a base and when you tip it over to the side CeLLLo you have a base

Dewey: In the end of time, there was a man who knew the road, and the writing was written on the stone. Then a thin layer of fog comes in around my ankles…roadies, that means dry ice, we’ll talk about this later…in the ancient times, an artist led the way, but no one seemed to understand…chimes–Freddy…in his heart he knew, the artist must be true, but the legend of the rent was way past due…and then Katie you come in witht he bass–rim bim bim bim bana bip bana ba bana rim bim bim bim beedip do bop–well you think you’ll be just fine without me but you’re mine! You think you can kick me out of the band. And then Zack you come in with a face melter–rya nya nyalil nya–well’s there’s just one problem there–the band is mine! How can you kick me out of what mine? And then–Hawaii 5-0? You ever see that show? Okay? Well there’s a drum solo in it that goes: shigga digga digga digga dun–well you’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore–and that’s where I want the backup singers to be like: well you’re not hardcore, no you’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore, unless you live hardcore–but the legend of the rent, was way hardcore! BOOM! Big old explosion…some like confetti stuff comes down…yeah it’s a work in progress…

Summer: I liked it Mr. Sheebly. I thought it was really catchy.

Dewey: Thankyou.

Dewey: Lawrence is good at pi-a-no…. he will be rockin in my show!

Dewey: Let’s rock. Let’s rock. today

Dewey: Movie is over… credits got to roll… look at that name there… I – do – not – know – that – guy!!

Dewey: Okay now give me like a Jug Jugga Jug Jugga Jug Jugga Jug.. Good okay.. no thats bad. It’s like George of the jungle. Play it here on the cymbil, but REALLY LIGHT

Dewey: Rock GOT no reason. Rock GOT no rhyme.

Dewey: What annoys you most of all
Boy: Bullies
Dewey: All you bullies get out of my way! Cause I’m really ticked off!!!!

Dewey: You’re not a teacher Ned, you’re cross-dressing, bloodsucking incubus from Maggot Death- thats the real you!
Ned: I’m not a satanic sex god anymore…and thats cool.

Dewey:After telling the Judge that the children are suffering from a rare blood disease Alright you’re in! Children: YES! Dewey:Ssh! You’re dying remember!? Children:Fall to the ground moaning

Dewey:At the parents EveningThe children learn Science, Geography, Math…History, Art, English, Latin, French, erm…Latin, Math…Did I already say that? Gym… Yeah, so. It was nice meeting you all and goodnight.

Dewey:Alright,here’s a useful lesson for you.Give up!Just quit. ‘Cause in this life,you can’t win,yea,you can try,but you’re just gonna lose, big time.Because the world is run by the man!Frankie:Who?Dewey:The man,oh you don’t know the man?Oh he’s everywhere.In the white house, down the hall,Miss Mullins.She’s the man.& the man,ruined the ozone, burned down the Amazon & he kidnapped Shambu & put her in a chlorine tank.& there was a way to stick it to the man,it was called Rock’n’Roll,but guess what?Oh no.The man ruined that too,with a little something called MTV!So don’t waste your time trying to do something cool or pure,because the man is just going to call you a fat washed-up loser so do yourselves a favor & just give up!

Dewey:And 54 minus 45,what is the answer Martha?
Dewey:No it’s 8.
[Martha thinks]
Martha:No it’s 9.
Dewey:Yes I was testing you,it’s 9.& that’s a magic number.

Dewey:For you(Lawrence),Yes.& that’s the name of the band.Listen to the keyboard solo on Roundabout.It will blow the classical music out your butt!

Dewey:Hey you, Freddy, what do you like to do?
Freddy:Uhh, I dunno.
Freddy:Burn stuff?

Dewey:It’s a rare blood disease.Uh,Stick-it-to-the-man(He pronounced it as:Stick-it-to-the-mahn),nayosis.

Dewey:Now listen, you guys. You know what, normal kids would have been stoked to slack off, but not you guys, ’cause you’re not normal. You’re special. And because I think you guys have the right attitude, Dewey:I think it’s time we started our new class project. Lawrence:A science project?Dewey: No. It’s called… rock band. Martha:Is this a school project? Dewey:Yes. And it’s a requirement. And it may sound easy… but nothing could be harder. It will test your head… and your mind… and your brain, too. Summer:Will other schools be competing? Dewey:You could say that…you could say,every school in the States will be competing for the top prize!

Dewey:ok heres the deal i have a hangover who here knows what it means?
Frankie:doesnt that mean your drunk?
Dewey:no it means i was drunk yesterday
Freddy:It means your an alcoholic
Freddy:you wouldnt come to work with a hangover unless you were an alcoholic.DUDE you got a disease!!!
Dewey:Whats ur name kid
Freddy:Freddy jones
Dewey:OK,Shut up!

Dewey:Okay,tomorrow’s the big day.That means no late night parties drinking tequila and getting lucky.

Dewey:What the hell is this!? Summer:Its a rota to show the progress of our work. We are awarded with gold stars. Dewey:And what are these black spots? Summer:De-merits. Dewey:De-merits!? What kind of sick school is this!? *Rips the rota off the wall, screwing it up into a ball*

dewey:who here can play the drums?
freddy:i play precussion
frankey:yeah, thats coz you couldn’t play anything else
freddy:shut up

Dewey:You freddy, what do you like to do?
Freddy:I donno
Freddy:Burn Stuff

Dewey:Your the cats pamjamas,The Bees knees

Do you remember rock ‘n’ roll radio?

Don’t tell me you guys have never gottten the Led out. Robert Plant Jimmy Page, ring any bells? What about Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Mottorhead!

dont ever question my style!

For those about to rock, i salute you.

for those who cant teache,teach gym

Freddy:are we going to be goofing off like this every day?
Dewey:Were not goofing off were creating musical fusion
Freddy:Ok so are we going to be creating musical fusion everyday?

Freddy:I’m just saying,name 2 great chick drummers.Katie:Sheila E.?Meg White from The White Stripes?Freddy:She can’t drum.Katie:Well she’s better than you,at least she’s got rhythm.

Freddy:Shut the hell up my sheenbly

get in a band and you’re the cat’s pajamas, you’re the bee’s knees

get off your ath and do some math.

girl– ill be good i swear! principal– aw do you need a hug girl– (jumps back)

Girl: Mr. S? We came up with a name for the band.
Dewey: Alright lets hear it…
Girl: The Bumblebees.
Dewey:…..No its tooo sissy.
Girl: The Koala Bears?
Dewey: NO its too sissy!!
Girl: How about Pig Rectum?

Girl: Well, why don’t you go on a diet?
Teacher: Because I like to eat. Is that so wrong?

God of Rock, thank you for this chance to kick ass. We are your humble servants. Please give us the power to blow people’s minds with our high voltage rock. In your name we pray, Amen.

Groupie? you want me to be a groupie? I reaserched groupies on the internet. they’re sluts! they sleep with the band!

He was about yay high..

Hello Harvard yo

Hey you! turkey sub! you can be a roadie

I have a hangover. Does anyone know what that means?
Yeah, it means your drunk.
No, it means I was drunk last night. Today I have a headache and the runs.

I know your kids have touched me… and im pretty sure ive touched them.

I like to eat…is that such a crime? -Dewey

I love Kevin Alexander Clark. I love your website. Sorry this isn’t a quote but everyone needs to know this. Bye. I already submitted a quote

i pledge allegence, to the band, of mr. shneebly.

i pledge allegigiance…to the band…of mr.shneebly…and will not fight him…for creative control…and will defer to him on all issues realated to the musical direction on the band

I service to the society by ROCKIN’!

I would love to tell you what we’ve been doing in clas, but theres such thing as student-teacher confidentiality– and I dont want to be in danger of being dismembered by the teacher’s union.

im a lozer im a lozer smooch

im heartsick. im hungry in A minor G ohhh

In the words of ac/dc we roll tonight to the guitar bite and for those about to rock, I salute you.

In the words of AC/DC we roll tonight to the sounds of the guitar bite.

In the words of AC/DC: We roll tonight… to the guitar bite… and for those about to rock… I salute you.

It means you’re an alcoholic.

It starts off, a dark stage, and then a beam of light, and you can see me and my guitar- Deeeow neeeow neeeow neow neow – In the end of time, there was a man who knew the road, and the writing was written on the stone – and then a thin layer of fog comes in around my ankles, roadies, that means dry ice, we’re gonna talk about this later – In the ancient time, an artist led the way, but no one seeemed to uuunderstaaand – Chiiiimes, Freddy – In his heart he knew, the artist must be truuue, but the legend of the rent was way past duuue – And then Katie you come in with the bass- rim bim bim bim bim bim bidda bum bo bum bum bum beedip do bop – well you think you’ll be just fine- without me but your MINE! You think you can kick me outta the band – and then Zack you come in with a face-melter- reow neow neow neow neow neow neowalil neoneoalilil – Well theres just one problem there- the band is MINE! How can you kick me out, of what is miiiiiiiiiiiine?! And then sh– Hawaii 5-0- you ever see that show? Ok well theres a drum solo in it that goes: Shigga digga digga digga diggada – Well you’re not harcore, unless ya live hardcore, and thats where I want the backup singers to be like – No you’re not harcore – no you’re not harcore, unless ya live hardc– unless ya live hardcore…but the legend of the rent, was way hardcore!!!! BOOOOM! Big old explosion, some like confetti and stuff comes down…anyway that’s all I got so far…its a work in progress. Summer: I liked it Mr Shneebly. I thought it was very catchy.

It’s a science project.

its a rare blood disease…stickitodamaunneosious

its in my mind and in my head and in my brain

Joey Gaydos Jr. is the hottest guy ever and I am his biggest fan!!!!
I lOvE jOeY gAdOs Jr.!!!! HOLLY

kid: your the man princapal:oh why thankyou!!!


Lets rock lets rock…shoot it…patoot it!!

Liza Minelli…?

Loosey goosey, baby, loosey goosey

Man: What do they have? Dewey: It’s a rare blood diease called (pauses) stickittothemon neioss.

Math is a really cool thing. Math is a really good thing. So get off your ass let’s do some math. Math, Math, Math, Math. 3 minus 4 is, Summer? Negative 1. That’s right. And 6 times a billion is, Marco? 6 billion. Nailed It. And 54 is 45 more so what’s the answer, Marta? 9. No it’s 8. No it’s 9. Yes I was testing you it’s 9. And that’s a magic number.

Math is a woerfull thing…
Math is a really cool thing…
So get off your ath.
Lets do some math.
Math math math math math…

Math is a wonderful thing
Math is a really cool thing
So get off your ath, lets do some math
Math, Math, Math, Math, Math

Miss Mullins:They hate me.Dewey:No,they don’t.Miss Mullins:Yes, they do.There was once when I was funny!I was.But you can’t be funny & be the,principle of a,prep school!No,you can’t.When it comes to their children,these parents will come down to me like a nuclear bomb.I can’t make a mistake,I gotta be perfect!& the pressure,has turned me into one thing that I never wanted to be!(Mouths ‘a bitch’)

mr s-ok..ive got a hangover. Who knows what that means?
frankie-doesnt that mean ur drunk?
mr s-no!it means i was drunk YESTERDAY!
freddy(hotty)-it means your an alocholic
mr s-no
freddy(supperhotty)-you wouldnt come to skool drunk
mr s- oh wuts ur name?
freddy-freddy jones.
mr s-k. freddy jones..SHUT UP!

are we gonna learn something or are we just gonna sit here?
mr s-do what ever u want
summer-i wanna learn for my teacher.
mr s-Besides that
mr s-hey kid whats ur name?
freddy-freddy(ha ha)
mr s-ok freddy what do u like to do?
freddy(whos hot)-um i dunno burn stuff?

music? uh music… i haven’t heard any music. uh-oh miss. lemon must be on crack, right kids?

Ned: Come on, pleeeaase! I may never have another girlfriend!!
Dewey: Ok…but for you…not her…

No more secret songs!

nobody go out to some late night parties drinkin tequila trying to get lucky because tonight we roll……To the gee tar bite. And to those who are about to rock i salute you

Now raise your goblet of Rock. It’s a toast to those who rock!

Oh Yeah

Ok kids. Ive got a hangover…..who knows what that means?
Your drunk?
No, i was drunk yesterday

read between the lines!!

Shut the hell up!

Spider:Hey,you in a band?Miss Mullins:No,no.I,am the principal of the school’s band.Spider:Oh yeah?Wow,that just cool.Miss Mullins:Yes,yes.It’s very,it’s very cool.[Spider mumbles]Spider:You’re hot,so hot.Miss Mullins:What?Spider:Huh?Miss Mullins:I’m sorry,are you warm?

Stay free.



style. you wanna talk to me about style. look at that boy tie.

Sunshine of your love.

Tamika: Oh you know i was on the honor roll, i got good grades, but got no soul. I raised my hand before i could speak my mind, I’ve been biting my toung to many times.
Dewey: Then the magic man said to obay (uh huh) Do what magic man do, not what magic man say.(Say what) Now can i please have the attention of the class, Todays assighnment (Clears throat)

That is SO punk rock!!

The band is about to make it big time, and when that comes I will give you and your dog a bone. goodnight!

Theo:Dewey,you’re a good guitarist.But it’s the 20 minute solos, stage dives.We’re trying to land a record deal here.
[Dewey holds up 3 fingers]Dewey:Read between the lines Theo.Read between the lines!

There was this girl who can sing like (hmm hmmm hmm), but then she thought she was too fat to sing, and they were all dying of a rare blood disease, and then the principal got drunk. And now tomorrow we’re playing in Battle of the Bands!!!

They got stickittodaman dionosiqus.It’s bad

Touch me.

Uh oh, it looks like Mrs. Lemmons is on crack, right kids?

Ur fat and u have body odor

we’ll start on this capola tomorrow-dewey-bud

we’ll start on this crapola tomorrow

What do you know about style loook at that bowtie!

Who ever said they love Kevin Alexander Clark dont know that there dumb because I am s00o0o0oo0o0o0o0o im love with him and would die to meet the guy! hes an awesome actor and so so very beautiful! My one dream in life is to meet him!! Sorry this aint a quote either but im his #1 fan and i love him!!!!!

You are fat loser and have body odor- Lawrence

You guys, you know’re nuts…you’re all nuts…you’ve been focused so hard on makin it you forgot about one little thing- its called the MUSIC! And I don’t even care, you know what, so what, I don’t wanna hang out with a bunch of wannabe corporate sellouts. I’m gonna form my own band, and we are going to start a revolution. Ok, And you’re gonna be a funny little footnote on my epic ASS!

You idiot! No u dumbas!

you wanna learn something? just quit! cuz in the end you’re gonna lose!

you’re a fat loser and you have body odor

You’re hot….you’re hot…. 2) oh, are you warm?

You’re Not Hardcore Unless You Live Hardcore.

You’re tacky and I hate you.

Your children have all touched me and I’m sure I have all touched them….

Your kids have all really touched me, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve touched them.

ypu turn it like this…and cello! you’ve got a bass!

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