Movie Quotes from Scary Movie 2: Quotes from the movie Scary Movie 2

Skateboarding has a rich history of innovation and is full of intriguing stories. Many of these stories are documented in the book The Concrete Wave in greater detail. However, this essay will provide you with an overview of the last nine decades.

The first type of skateboards were actually more like scooters. These contraptions, which date back to the early 1900’s featured roller skate wheels attached to a two by four. Often the wood had a milk crate nailed to it with handles sticking out for control. Over the next five decades kids changed the look of the scooter and took off the crate and started cruising on two by fours with steel wheels. Tens of thousands of roller-skates were dismantled and joyfully hammered on to planks of wood.

In the 1950’s modifications were made to the trucks (the device that holds the wheels) and kids started to maneuver more easily. Towards the late 1950’s, surfing became increasingly popular and people began to tie surfing together with cruising on a board. By 1959, the first Roller Derby Skateboard was for sale. Clay wheels entered the picture and sidewalk surfing began to take root.

By the time the 1960’s rolled around, skateboarding had gained an impressive following amongst the surf crowd. However, when Larry Stevenson, publisher of Surf Guide began to promote skateboarding, things started to take off. Larry’s company, Makaha designed the first professional boards in 1963 and a team was formed to promote the product.

The first skateboard contest was held at the Pier Avenue Junior School in Hermosa, California in 1963. In 1964, surf legend Hobie Alter teamed up with the Vita-Pakt juice company to create Hobie Skateboards. While most skaters took to the street or sidewalk, some brave souls decide to ride empty swimming pools. By 1965, international contests, movies (Skater Dater), a magazine (The Quarterly Skateboarder) and cross country trips by teams of skateboarders elevated the sport


(1) Your mother suck cocks in hell. (2) ha…Suck on this. (1) uh oh.

(hanson) grab my hand! (guy) give me your other hand (hanson) my other hand isnt strong enough!!

(Hanson-The caretaker brings the turkey to the table)
Hanson: Who wants a wing?
Dwight(The wheelchair guy): Your’s or the Turkey’s?
Hanson: Well I know what you want. How about a leg? How about two?

(little bird) fuck off four eyes

(parrot)I said polly wants yo mama’s sweet ass. (shorty) Don’t you be talking about my mama son, you don’t know my mama son. (parrot) I know yo mama I fucked her last night……

(priest walks into the posessed girl’s room) FUCK THIS! (then turns around)

(Shorty) Im gonna rob that bitch tonight

1# Hey little bird. 2# I aint little, im hung like a bull lady. Yeah… bet you ever seen a bird dick this big? 1# no.? 2# Yeah well step off sweet cheeks, come back when you want the real deal. 1# Ok. 2# Fucking Tease.

1) Dude, you got a tattoo! 2) Dude, so did you! 1) Dude, what does mine say. 2) ‘Ray’! Dude, what about mine? 1) ‘Fucked Me’! 1 and 2) ‘Ray’ ‘Fucked Me’! ‘Ray’ ‘Fucked me’! ‘Ray’ ‘Fucked me’!

1) Hey, little birdie! Polly wanna cracker? 2) No, Polly want your mama’s sweet ass! 1) What did you say, son?! 2) I said ‘Polly wnat you mama’s sweet ass’. 1) You don’t be talkin’ ’bout my mama like that, son. You don’t know my mama! 2) Yeah, I do. I fucked her last night!

1) Oh my God, Cindy! She looks just like you! 2) You think? 1) Yeah, oh except that her skin isn’t as oily as yours is. And she doesn’t have as many split ends in her hair as you do. 2) OK. 1) Other than that, the resemblance is uncanny. Oh and her tits aren’t as point and wierd shaped as yours. 2) Buddy!

1) Your mother’s in here, Harris. Would you like to leave a message? I’ll be sure that she gets it! 2) Yes, Mom, will you get outta there please? 3) You’re no fun! 1) Bye, Mrs. Harris.

1)Cindy, go to the music room. 2) What? Where are you? 1) Go the music room, Cindy! 2) What? What do you want? 1) GO TO THE FUCKING MUSIC ROOM!

1)cindy, you’re in danger.I wanna help you. 2)what? Help me how? Where are you? 1)check the music room………..check the music room. 2) Where are you? 1) Check the FUCKING music room.

1)Now hold up! How come every time some scary shit happen you white people always say’ let’s split up’?!

1- I learned about the value of books. 2- Oh really (riiiiiiiip)3- Yeah! Free papers!

1.(dead girl) fuck me fuck me 2.(priest gets on to and fucks her)

1.professor look at this. 2.what what is it is it titties is it pussy what? 1. NO!

1> Polly wanna craker? 2> No polly want sum of ure mummas sweet as 1> oh dont u talk shit bout my mumma like that u dunt even know her 2> i know your mumma i fucked her last week

Hanson (to Cindy):Oh, don’t be scared child, this is just Mr Tiddles, he was the master’s favourite pet, he’s been in the family for generations…

Hanson:I see you eyeing up the first piece!

Hanson:Oh don’t be scared child, this is just Mr Tiddles, he was the masters favorite pet, been in the family for generations. He’s getting old now though…

im scared


Aight do this, Left, right, left, right, dats a tight jacket, shit son!! nah mean!
Ok! Left, right, left, right, thats a tight jacket, shit son nah mean! HERE TAKE IT,

are you scared child? let me sing to ya…..god is in his holy temple

Are you scared child? You want me to sing to ya? Ok. God is in… his holy temple. Hm Hm Hm Hm. Better?

ashley russell is a preppy bitchy whore

Aw, dude, someone’s on the rag!

Bird : holy shit what did you put in this bird food {farting and pooping on the wall} that was a big one

bird: fuck off four eyes
retard:what did you say
bird fuck off four eyes

Bird: Have you ever seen a bird hung like this? Cindy: No!
Bird: Is it too much for ya’? Huh? Come back when you want
some real fuck! Cindy: (walks into kitchen) Bird: Fuckin’

Child are you scared? Are you scared child? Want me to sing you a lullaby? My body is the lord’s temple

CINDY AND SINGER- as we go on, we remember, all the times we had together, and as our lives change-

cindy: the crane {dances} the croching tiger {dances} the drunkin
monkey {screechs like a monkey} the mad cow….moo…moo…mother

Cindy:Grab the chest Buddy:Okay (grabs her breast)


Diary.: i cant take living with him any loger.. i think hes having an affair… maybe hes sleeping with our babysitter victoria….maybe thats why he keeps her around even though we have no children…

Don’t forget your toothbrush….Gonna need that for later.

Don’t split the pole now, it’s vry vry be-ad

Dude, someone’s on the rag!

Dwight: thanks HANDYman…Hanson: actually im the caretaker…o well arent those some nice new skates…careful…dont wanna fall and BREAK something.. Dwight: thats great…let me give u a hand.. Hanson: how about a standing ovation? Dwight: y dont u lift me up? Hanson: o i see where this is goin…i recognize u..were u in STOMP? Dwight: u can kiss my grits..Hanson: ill be the bigger man and walk away…WALK away..

emily and kayla are sooooo kool!!!!!
ben is hot
fuck bitch ass hor ho bastard motha fucka fucka lesbo bitch motha fucka

emily is looking for a man…,…she is single right now and she is a hot sexy beast. if u would like to knoe more information send an im to either kayla or emily
kayla is partially taken, but she will hook u up with emily n e time bitches

Exorcist Girl: Fuck me! Fuck me!

Fucking tease

Fucking tease!

guy-‘Make way for fanny! Fanny commin’ through!’ girl-(about the room) ‘’s beautiful!’ guy-‘Why thank you child, I have been doin’ my bunn busters..’

Hanson: Oh i see where this is going (to the man in the wheelchair) Hey you look familiar were you in STOMP!!

Hanson: You know, a lot of people are kind of intimidated about making a turkey, but really it’s very simple. You just have to know the anatomy of a turkey and it’s got, over here just the tiniest little stinkhole but it’s big enough to get you hand right up inside it. UH! UH! Stuff the shit out of it. I cook it with all the giblets–the penises and the ginies. And now, a lot of people like to baste their turkeys but I use this. I lick like that and get into the little hiney hiney ho. That’s nice and good. I don’t know what the hell that is but I’ll lick it anyway. Up and down and then I like to get that right on there…..Hiawatha!


im drunk
and i want to take a shit on a monkeys chest hair in the bahamas on a plate

How am i driving?
call 1-800-kiss-my-ass

I better use my stroong hand!

i blacked out (ahhhhhhsjlkhgtkejrht)
u know when i had those blackout as a kid?
what happened that one day ur dad had a video camera
did u just come back to sleep with emily?


I do my bum busters every day. I squeeze really tight, and then I let loose, I squeeze really tight and than I let loose.

I do my bun exercises everyday now child. I squeeze real tight then i let loose… i squeeze real tight, then i let loose…then i squeeze real tight…then pfffffffffffffft

i don’t need your help BITCH!(proceeds to give himself a blowjob)

I don’t need your help I can do it myself…… look i am tossing my own salad

I don’t need your help I can do it myself…… look i am tossing my own salad.

I know you want a leg. How about two?

i really take the time to appriciate the true value of school textbooks….it’s fundamental?………FREE PAPERS!!

I swear I didn’t do it alone! Bobby and Whitney helped me!

i told you to leave me alone when im cleaning my room!

If you had any brains youd turn your ass around!

katlyn is kool 2!!!!!!!

katlyn is not an annoying mofo mary!!!!

kinky is my middle name , BITCH!

kinkys my middle name bitch!

left right left kick ugg son ugg yo vitch that jacket is tight son yaa mean

Left right left right, UH SON UH SON now you gotta throw a little bit of slang in tehre Left right left right UH SON UH SON YOU THAT JACKET IS TIGHT BITCH YA MEANS… YEAMEAN.. yeye somethin liek that now throw it all together. LEF RIGHT LEFT RIGH UH SON UH SON YO THAT JACKET IS TIGHT YOU RUN THAT SHIT BITCH YA MEAN!

Lets Split up now hold on. white people always say let’s split up. She’s right we should stick together. you 3 follow me. aint that a BITCH.

Mad cow!

Make room ‘fo fanny!!!

Make way for fanny!

me and kayla are left out
we want to shout
we want to see a chicken on the run
b/c we arent havin much fun
as u can tell
i need a dell
so fucki

My Germs

My germs!!

My germs… My germs… MY GERMS!!!

My Pussies attacking me!

My pussy’s gone crazy!!

My Pussy’s gone CRAZY!!!!!!

my pussys gone crazy

My turn!

nice rollerblades. oh that was good why dont i give you a hand. How about a standing ovation? How bout u lift me up. You know what? Ill be the bigger man and walk away….WALK AWAY.

Now i know what this is about… i didnt mean to go poopie in your litterbox

now this is the real….

O wow that was funny, I think I should give you a hand. How about a standing ovation. You know what I am gonna be the bigger man and walk away.

oh i bought mine on Friday, I just came down here to get a banana. This shit is hot right?

polly want a cracker.POLLY:polly want yo momma’s sweet ass.SHORTY:what did polly say?.POLLY:i said polly want yo momma’s sweet ass.SHORTY:you don’t be talking ’bout my momma son you don’t know my momma son.POLLY:oh i know yo momma i fucked her last night.SHORTY:you want beef i’ll fuck you up.POLLY:ohh i’m shakin’i’m shakin’.SHORTY:yo i’m gonna handle this like a gentleman yo hold my tooth son.POLLY:you and that KOTTER COME HOME hair cut want a piece of me come on bitch bring it on

Polly want a cracker?

Polly want a cracker? -Polly wants your mama’s sweet ass -What did Polly say to me? – I said, Polly wants your mama’s sweet ass

Polly want yo Momma’s sweet ass!

rar in your face bitch

right left right kick UH SON UH SON YO! that jacket is tigt son! Run that shit bitch!!YA MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shorty: hello birdy, polly wana craker? bird: polly wants ur mammas sweet ass. Shorty: wat did polly say to me? Bird: i said polly wants your mammas sweet ass. shorty: u dnt be talkin bout my mamma son u dnt no mi mamma son. bird: yeh i do i fucked her last night… Shorty: ohhh u didnt u want beef… bird: let me outa here ill fuck u up..

Shove it up your ass you worthless piece of shit!


Sometimes I think these toys have a mind of their own

Take my Little Hand!
NO give me your other hand,
Take my little hand, it’s my strong hand!


Talk diry to me baby. ok. im gona work this, oh yeah, im gona piss in your face and fart in yo’ mouth and shit all over these wall ray!! wait. oops, too dirty?

Thanks handy man.. well actually im the caretaker, oh those are some cool new roller blades, u becareful know don’t wanna fall and break something….oh that was great here y don’t i give you a hand(claps)… that was mighty kind of you, y don’t u give me a standing ovation…. y don’t u lift me up… oh i can see where this going, u look familair to me were u in stomp… u can kiss my gritts… oh im gonna be the bigger man and walk away now,WALK away

the crane- couching tiger- drunken monkey-mad cow

The mad cow. Moooooooooo! Moooooooooooo! Mother fucker!

Think fast A cup

this is so far out it will offend everyone

Toke Toke Toke Toke .. Take it 2 tha head Take it 2 tha head…….
Awwwwww u take it like a bitch

Watch out my fanny’s comin through, make way for fanny

Watch out now, my fanny’s comin thru..

We have a situation here…BREAKER!! They can’t hear me…it must be these walls or soemthing!



Will you shut the fuck up and let me sing it?


ya, emily kayla and katlyn stayes up all night eatingdoritos and drinkins chocolate milk and coke. we are sooo hot

Yeah Ma, will you get out of there please? -You’re no fun. -I’m working!



Yo that jacket is tight son! Ya mean!

Yo your jackets tight son

You are the weakest limk. Good-bye.

You are the weakest link, goodbye.

you look familure to me…were you in stomp?!….I think I’ll be the bigger man here and walk away WALK away


You’re so pretty

{cindy singin vitimin C’s ‘Gratuation’ badly}
{vitimin C’s voice} Hey will u shut the fuck up and let me sing

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