Movie Quotes from Saw: Quotes from the movie Saw

(1) What’s your name? (2) My name is VERY FUCKING CONFUSED,!. What’s your name?

Dr. Lawrence: Fuck this shit!!!

Dr. Lawrence: He dosen’t want us to cut theough our chains, he wants us to cut through our feet!

Game Over!


Hello Paul, you are perfectly healthy, sane middle class male. Yet last month you ran a straight razor across your wrist. Did you cut yourself because you truely wanted to die, or did you just want some attention? Tonight you’ll show me. The irony is that if you want to die, you just have to stay where you are. But if you want to live you’ll have to cut yourself again. Find the path through the razor wire to the door, but hurry at 3 o clock that door will lock. And then this room becomes your tomb. How much blood will you shed to stay alive Paul?

How much blood would you shed to stay alive?

I don’t care if you cover yourself in peanut butter and have a 15 whore gang bang.

I don’t care if you covered yourself with peanutbutter, and had a fifty hooker gang bang.

I fell asleep in my shithole apartment and woke up in an actual shithole!

I want to play a game.

I’ll tell you where you might be,you might be in the room you die in

Jigsaw killer: Just think of it as a reverse beartrap.

Jigsaw killer:Congragulations you are still alive most people are so ungrateful to be alive but not you, not anymore.

John: Hello Amanda you don’t know me but I know you. I want to play a game here’s what happens if you lose the device your wearing is hooked to your upper and lower jaws if the timer goes off, your mouth will be permanantly ripped open think of it as a, reverse bear trap here i’ll show you, there is only one key to the device your wearing and it is in the stomach of your dead cell mate. Look around Amanda, know that I’m not lying better hurry up. Make your choice live or die.

Live or die, make your choice.

Most people are to ungrateful for being alive…but not you…not anymore.

Oh yes……. there will be blood.

Pass me some of that sweet cancer.

this is the most fun i’ve had without lubricant

When there’s that much poison in your body, the only thing left to do,is shot yourself.

Where am I? Is someone there? Who turned off the lights? Someone heeeeeeeeeeeeelp me!

you are gay

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