Movie Quotes from Saving Grace: Quotes from the movie Saving Grace

1:You really are a crap gardener, Name. 2:Well, what do I know about plants? I’m from Glasgow.

Draw, spliff, puff, shit, call it what you will, but it’s my belief that it is the door to enlightenment. And now, the acid test…
(he clicks the lighter, lights up, enhales) …Jesus! I’ll give ya 60 quid fer it

I’m not hanging around here to be the Whipping boy for Ganja Grace and Captain Nicky the fuckin’ lobster queen.

it’s you…you’re scottish

Matthew, I wanted to tell you that I think you are a terrible gardener, but that you’ve helped me to grow, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nicky doesn’t want a relationship with someone who isn’t responsible. And I don’t want a relationship with someone who isn’t Nicky.

Our Mutant Buds will soon be ready O Great One! We shall release them into the atmosphere and take over the world!

We have a Swiss bank account! There’s nothing in it but we do have one!

What happened to honor among thieves?

What type of injuries can one expect jumping out from that altitude without a parachute?

Women like cudly toys don’t they. They like to hug them and squeez them and poke their eyes out and rip their fuckin limbs off. I avoid confrentation, i know it, but if you grew up in Glasglow in the 1970’s you’d avoid confrentation too. All i want is an easy life, i want ta grow some vegitables, smoke some reefer, sing some carols at christmas time, and who knows one day i’d like to be a dad and raise a couple of calm fuckin children. But thats it, I’ve had it, I’ve fuckin’ had enough, I’m goin’, no more mr. coudley toy. I’m not hangin’ around here to be a whoppin boy for ganja grce, and Niki the fuckin’ lobster queen, I’m fuckin gone I’m gone I’m gone I’m fuckin’ outta hear, and see before I go I’m gonna see both these women and give them both a piece of my mind.

TOM IRVIN… it will be a long time before safe is sex

Would you like some cornflakes? They’re heavenly.

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