Movie Quotes from Same Time, Next Year: Quotes from the movie Same Time, Next Year

–It’s a bit odd becoming a school girl at your age.
–Listen, you think it’s easy being the only one in the class with clear skin?

–You know that’s a sign of age, don’t you?
–When you start worrying about the declining morality of the young.

2) You’re married and have two children. 2) I lied. I actually have three children. I thought it might make me sound less married. How could I deny little Debbie like that?

He runs four miles a day and has a body like Mark Spitz. Unfortunately, he has a face like Ernest Borgnine.

No, it’s been 15 one night stands.

The last time I felt like this.

What, I’m stuffy because I don’t like my wife to urinate on my clients floor?

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