Movie Quotes from Salvador: Quotes from the movie Salvador

–Hey, baby. What’s your sign?
–Oh. I thought it was slippery when wet.

–I thought you were dead.
–Dead? Why, do I look that bad?

I hope you all get anal herpes!!!

If I can get some good combat shots for AP, I can make some money.

Running on empty.

Who will be the one among you to rid me of this Romero?

You got to get close to the truth. Get too close, you die.

You’re going to love it here, Doc. You can drive drunk and get anybody killed for fifty bucks.

You’ve got to think of the people first. In the name of human decency, something we Americans are supposed to believe in, you got to at least try to make something of a just society here.

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Salvador’: Quotes from the movie ‘Salvador’

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