Movie Quotes from Runaway Jury: Quotes from the movie Runaway Jury

1:Where’s your sense of civic duty?
2:I fuck civics.

30 years in the trenches taught me this. There is always a loose end.
Everyone has a secret.

Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Color bubbles?

Eleven lives ended.

Fingerprint resistant?

Get some sleep, Rankin. You’re going to need it.

Good call.

I believe in a world without guns.

I didn’t see you coming. Obviously, I underestimated you. And as a rule, I don’t do that.

I don’t give a ****. I never have.

I hate Baptists just as much as I hate Democrats.

I love Saint Catherine.

I was under the impression that we’d already purchased ourselves a verdict.

I’m not exactly sure but I believe I am buying lunch for this jury.

I’ve been waiting so long I decided to make myself a sandwich. Would you like me to make you a sandwich, Marlee?

Juror #9.

Leave the country.

Madden challenge.

Our jury?

Somebody always loses. Just not me.

Sure he’s blind, but so’s Justice!

They put me on hold.

They’ll be following me.

This case is about money.

This girl is an amateur.

This is fair.

Trials are too important to be left up to juries.

We let them vote their hearts.

What are you going to do, call the cops?

Who’s our backup?

You don’t want to check out my resume?

You think your average juror is King Solomon?

You’re losing me my jury!

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