Movie Quotes from Run Silent Run Deep: Quotes from the movie Run Silent Run Deep

A fleet boat of the Navy, with most of her fighting capability intact, and you’d take her back to Pearl! I don’t believe it.

A whole area to patrol, and you pick the graveyard. The Bungo Straits.

But let no one here, no one aboard this boat, even say we didn’t have a captain.

Clear the bridge!

Dive! Dive!

Instead of losing time on this drill, we almost lose a man.

It’s not a fishing boat, friend.

Only the captain gives permission to dump the trash, and only the captain.

Rig ship for silent running.

That’s a bow shot.

The only way to get out of this alive is to make ’em think we’re all dead.

There she is. The Akikaze.

There’s always a calculated risk, the unknown factor.

They’re coming in for the kill, sir.

This boat, any boat, has one captain.

This time words just fail me.

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