Movie Quotes from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: Quotes from the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

#1)Is she worth it?
#2)Worth dying for.

(SCREAMS) ROBIN!!!!!!!!!!

There was a rich man from Nottingham who tried to cross the river, what a dope, he tripped over the rope. Now look at him shiver.

–Why should we trust you?
–If you don’t, you are dead men.
–He makes a point.

… no blades… no bows… leave your weapons here…..

1) Any bright ideas?
2) Get up. Move faster.
1) Move faster. Good idea.

1) Christian. Look, Look. How did your uneducated kind ever take Jerusalem
2) God knows

1) Did God paint you? 2) Did God paint me? (smiles)

1) It’s the shortest route to London, Sire.
2) It’s the only route to London, you little ferret.

1) No-no that’s my horse ! 2) A truly magnificant animal My lady

1) Was she worth it? 2) Worth dying for.

1) Why a spoon cousin, why not an axe or a- 2) Because it’s dull you twit. It’ll hurt more.

1)***** from ***** tried to cross the river! What a dope, he tripped on a rope! Now look at him shiver! Beg for mercy rich man! 2) I beg of no man.

1)Been sheltering outlaws, Lady ______? 2)Their thieves, you imbecile. 1)You’re lucky they did not steal your virtue as well.

1)Knowing now our father loved you more than me. 2) what? 3)I am the son of the woman who replaced your dead mother for a time. It was your hate that drove them apart. I have more reason to hate you but i found myself daring to believe. What i want to know is will you finish what you started?

1)Loxely !! I’m gonna cut your heart out with a..spoon ! 2) Then it begins !

1)What’s your name? 2)John Little:best man of the woods. 1) Or should we call you Little John.

1)why a spoon cousin? why not a sword or an axe?
2)Because its dull you twit, it’ll hurt more!

1. Look, mistletoe. Many a maiden lost her virtue thanks to this little plant. 2. In my country we talk to our women, we do not drug them with plants.

1. Well what are you doing here? 2. Following a lady’s advice. 1. Oh…

1. I gave birth to eight children, don’t tell me about pain. I’m not about to let one of them die. 2. You should be out minding the other seven.

1: You came for me. You’re alive. 2: I would die for you.

1:Curse all Saxes and Moors, if it weren’t for their ungodly ways my master would have never left.
So what kind of a name is Ahzem?
2:(AHZEM) Moorish

1; Would you do it for your king?
2; No. But I’d do it for you.

God bless you fanny… …and God bless Robin Hood.
Can anyone produce and mp3 file of this if so email

God bless you fanny… …and God bless Robin Hood.

A-How did your uneducated kind ever take Jerusalem?
RH-God knows…

Ahh! I have seen our death, the painted man, he haunts my dreams adorned with strange foreign eyes.. Kill them.. Kill them both!

All I remember is a spoilt bully who used to burn my hair

All I remember of you is a spoiled bully who used to burn my hair as a child.

All is well, it’s duncan!

And call off Christmas!

Azeem its time to renew that vow!!!! Get off your d*** knees!!!

Azeem, it’s time to redeem that vow

Because it’s blunt you twit it’ll hurt more!

Behold! Azeem ibin Ashere al Bacree! I am not one of you, but I fight! I fight with ______! I fight against the tyrant who holds you under his boot! If you would be free men, you must fight! Join us now!

Come my lepressy friend….oh, is that your finger?

Damn. They cleared it!

Did God paint you?

did i wrong you in another life Will Scarlet? Where does all this intolerable hatred for me come from?

Do you mind? We’ve just been married.

Either we faces the ghosts of the forest or we become ghosts ourselves!!!

Either we take our chances with the ghosts or become ghosts ourselves…

Everything I do, I do it for you.

For the good of all men and the love of a woman, he faught to uphold justice by breaking the law.

Fuck me! he cleard it!

Fuck me, he cleared it! Huh!

fuck me… they cleared it.

fuck me..he cleared it!

GG- Why a spoon cousin, Why not an ax..?
SN- Because its dull u TWIT it’ll hurt more!

He fancies you my Lady. I may be blind, but some things I still see.

Hello my lover

here’s thirty pieces of silver, to pay the devil, on your way to hell!

Hospitality in this country is as warm as the weather.

I fulfill my vows when I choose. You are still alive.

I had a very sad childhood. I’ll tell you about it sometime

I have more reason to HATE you than anyone, but I found myself daring to believe in you. What I want to know, brother, is will you finish what you started?

I once heard a wise man say there are no perfect men. Only perfect intentions.

I say we can win.

i will personally remove your lying tongue.

I’ll cut your heart out with a spoon

I’ll cut your heart out with a spoon!

I’ll cut your heart you with a spoon!

If I must, I will take you one piece at a time.

If you fail, i will personally remove your lying tongue.

Is it true boy, did you kill a deer?

Hundreds of ’em.

Is that why you were to ed? Because of a woman??!!!

Is there no sun in this cursade country?


Is there no sun in this cursed country

It was good to see you again Marian. It was good to be seen.

It’s so peaceful here, it’s like we’re the only two people on earth

Ive given birth to 8 babies- don’t talk to me about getting hurt you big ox!

Loxley!! I’m going to cut your heart out, with a spoon!!

m) there’s a price on your head! r) how much? m)100 gold peices! r) is that all..i shall have to annoy the good sherrif more, soon it will be a thousand!! m) for a thousand i’d turn you in myself!

M:Do me a favor R: what? M: Take a bath

Marian: You came for me….you’re alive… Robin: I would die for you!!!

Men will speak of love when it serves their purpose and when it is not, it is a burden to them!

No blades. No bows. Leave your weapons here.

No bow, no blades, leave you weapons here.

No man controls my destiny. Especially one who attacks downwind and stinks of garlic.

no more boyish gestures

Nobility is not a birthright, it’s defined by ones actions

Nobility is not a birthright: it is defined by one’s actions.

Nobility isn’t a birthright it’s defined by one’s actions

Now sew! And keep the stitches small!

oh Is this your finger??

One man defending his home is more powerful than ten hired soldiers. Crusades taught me that.

Only in my dreams have i dreamed of a place so beautiful.
2)Then dream us a way across…We are lucky it is not that deep…*trips on a rope*
2) I beg of no man

RH: Do you yield?
FT: ………I’d rather roast in ‘ell!!

RH: How many are there? A: twenty RH: twenty? B: How many are there? RH: five *Akeem looks at him* What? They can’t count! Why scare them?

Richard: Hold I speak. I will not allow this wedding to procide… UNLESS i’m allowed to give the bride away. You look radiant cousin.

Robin Hood: Has English Hospitality Changed That Much In Six Years. That A Friend Of Mine Is Not Welcome At This Table.
Peasent: But He is A Savage Sire..
Robin Hood: That He Is But No More Than You Or I. And Don’t Call Me Sire..

Robin ~ Look, mistletoe. Many a maid lost a resolve to this little plant. Akeem ~ In my country, we talk to our women, we do not drug them.

Robin ~ Was she worth it? Akeem ~ (completly somber) Worth dying for.

Robin: I have seen the noblest knight run at the sight of battle. And I have seen the lowliest squire pull a spear from his own body to protect a dying horse.

Robin: Will you do it for your king? Marian: No….I’ll do it for you.

Shut up you twit!

So. You’ve sold your soul to Satan your grace.

something vexes thee?

That’s my wife, crone!

The hospitality here is as warm as the weather.

Then by God we take it back!

There was a rich man from Nottingham who tried to cross a river! What a dope, he tripped on a rope, now look at him shiver!

There was a rich man,
From Nottingham,
Who tried to cross the river.
What a dope,
He tripped on a rope!
Now look at him shiver!

This forest has eyes…I swear it

This is English courage.

this is good steal.

This is grain, which any fool can eat, but for which the Lord intended a more divine means of consumption. Let us give praise to our maker and glory to his bounty by learning about… BEER!

To the trees

To the trees.

Tuck: Let’s open a barrel and try to save each other’s soul
Azeem: alas, I am not permitted
Tuck: Fine then, you talk, I’ll drink

Wait a minute. Robin Hood steals money from my pocket, forcing me to hurt the public, and they love him for it? [Scribe nods] That’s it then. Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas!

We have a rule here you know, once anyone has seen the way to our camp, that person cannot leave. That’s why Sarah and I asked to be blindfoled. Oh..

Well at least I didn’t use a spoon.

Were you present at his capture near Jerusalem?

What about our kids, they’ve taken everything they’ve got too.
Then, by God we take it back!

What about our kids? They’ve taken everything they’ve got too!!! Then by god we take it back!

why a spoon master?

wulf: she know’s every man’s thoughts, you can see right through her and she flies

yolk their strength

You ! My room 10:30 . You-10:45 … and bring a friend !

You runied my life.

You whine like a mule

You whine like a mule.

You whine like a mule…you are still alive!

You! My room…10:30! You…10:45! And bring a friend!

You’re my BROTHER man!!!!!!

You’re not playing by the rules boy! Deer don’t climb trees. Perhaps he thinks he’s a game bird

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